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"im back"

David Killeen on 14/3/2014 21:12:18

Review: I don't know why I stopped using csj I have a bulldog he was fine I changed to a brand my vet said try why? so I did and after a few weeks he started getting tear stains when I took him for a longish walk he would start limping he went backwards in his health plus ear infections. He was fine with csj and he loves it wont be using the rubbish in the shops anymore.CSJ TRY IT


"Fit and Fast!"

roxanna mager on 13/3/2014 13:05:27

Review: I have two huskies one of which had severe campylobacter from a puppy which was a nightmare to cure and persisted for months. We tried all the expensive prescription diets etc but nothing worked. by chance a lady happened to mention fit and fast and gave me a sample- its wheat gluten and rice free and I can honestly say its the only food that he has ever been able to digest properly! I will never give him anything else and he is now fully grown (he is a big boy 25kg) and in great condition. Try this if your dog has problems with wheat but your dog still has trouble with wheat free food - it may be the rice also that they can't digest! :)


"happy dog"

kathryn Webster on 22/2/2014 18:34:58

Review: Im so glad we found this site, had tired various high priced brands for sensitive dogs. Our mally x akita had really bad wind and loose stools - started him on fit n fast and have never looked back. We now have a smell free dog with solid stools and looks the picture of health, lovely shiny coat and great muscle formation and bundles of energy....highly recommend. ... Thank you


"Long term solution"

Xanthe Wells on 18/2/2014 17:21:46

Review: I have used Fit 'n' fast for my collie cross for three years now. It has been the only product not to cause stomach complaints and I am regularly complimented on the quality of his coat - which has a beautiful sheen to it. Best of all, he is never reluctant to eat the same thing, day in day out. A definite success and great value for money compared to other wheat and rice free products. Thank you CSJ!


"Good weight and lots of energy."

Gemma Krzesinska on 16/2/2014 09:54:33

Review: I have always struggled to keep weight on my northern inuit girl and one of my collies, they eat well and have bags of energy but were always very ribby. Since switching to fit n fast they are holding a much better weight and are still full of energy.


"Growing up fit and fast"

Rhiannon Grant on 28/11/2013 17:24:21

Review: I switched my 8 month old puppy onto this food following a chat with CSJ about him developing a wee allergy. He gobbles it down and is still looking great, everyone comments on how beautiful his coat is. He's full of energy and his digestion is fine, solid waste and no (yes NO!) smelly flatulence! I'm still investigating what's causing his allergy - but it's certainly not his CSJ food - think the dog walker might be sneaking him 'illegal' goodies!


"Fit n Fast"

andy kelly on 16/11/2013 22:44:58

Review: Young Irish Wolf hound , had a few stomach problems Wheat allergy. Fit n; fast ideal . Not a problem since she"s been on it .


"Fit n Fast"

Carole Broome on 6/11/2013 07:00:36

Review: My English springer spaniel had issues with colitis and also maintaining his weight. I had tried other foods but still had problems. Great advice from Ceri, samples to the door and three bags of lFit n Fast on, he is maintaining his weight, enjoys his food, has a glossy coat, boundless energy and no bouts of colitis. Also use herbs and salmon oil. Many many thanks


"Great product....perfect for dogs allergic to rice!"

Lyn Morgan on 29/9/2013 20:34:28

Review: I am so pleased that CSJ offer this great value-for-money product. Not only does it suit my young collie, who has an intolerance to rice, but it also provides an excellent source of energy for all 3 of my agility dogs. The product most definitely lives up to it's name - my dogs are fit & fast since changing to this food.


"Not so fast..."

Lisa Guthrie on 17/7/2013 13:17:25

Review: Been using the CSJ brand for a couple of years now and decided to switch to Fit and Fast for my Flyball dog. It seemed to slow him down! Nothing wrong with the food, he loves it, looks healthy but no real change, other than seemed to get tired faster. I have switched back to the CSJ Champ range as this seems to suit him better.


"fantastic product"

Zeanie1985 on 22/6/2013 11:43:48

Review: We rehomed a 5 year old springer and she was in need of bulking up and her previous diet wad causing her to frequently expell some horrendous smells!! She never used to eat all her food, but since trying her on cjs Fit amd Fast she's almost a different dog, she seems much happier, is now a good weight, waffs her dinner down and is a lot less stinky! Defo recommend!!


"Fit "

Bryn Dowsett on 23/5/2013 08:50:38

Review: Have 3 dogs on this food. Used to feed another brand of dry dog food. Then through a friend of ours changed to CSJ Fit n Fast. Always an empty bowl and it does just what it says on the bag :) And lovely shiny coats and healthy dogs. Thank you CSJ


"Walking the Walk with Fit & Fast!"

Donna Waring on 18/5/2013 08:15:29

Review: When I began training for the MoonWalk in Edinburgh to raise money for breast cancer, I took my Guide Dog Jack along with me for exercise. I had a sighted guide so Jack just came along on his lead to walk for pleasure. At the time he was on a wellknown brand of dog food. But I found that though he was his usual hyper-active self at the beginning of the walk, he would tire easily once we got past about 15 miles. I changed him onto Fit 'n Fast to see if this would help, and it wasn't long before he was walking 20 miles plus with us and still bringing me his ball once we got home. Another interesting difference though was that i noticed that his energy was differently channelled. Instead of being hyper at the beginning and then fizzling out, he started off much calmer and seemed to have more endurance. This is a good value ration that I would recommend to anyone.


"fit n fast is brilliant"

kerry podmore on 14/3/2013 14:34:18

Review: Ive been using fit n fast on recommendation by nicky (who is great by the way)Ive got 2 standard poodles who were on a well known expensive brand, they were totally hyper and one of them wasn't putting weight on at all on it, so was doing some research on dog foods and came across csj, its the best move Ive made, in only 3 weeks they have calmed down alot, and the youngest is back to normal weight wise, and their coats are so shiney, have recommended to 2 people already who have asked what I feed my dogs. Ive also changed my 3 little dogs onto the cp27 and they love it. we are 6 really pleased and happy customers! thankyou.


"Fit n fast"

A Williamson on 18/2/2013 14:18:01

Review: My British bulldog has a wheat gluten allergy and I found it very hard to find dog food that was wheat gluten free and good value. Fit n fast is perfect for my dog and it is also excellent value highly recommended


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