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"Fit n Fast"

Judith Woodbridge on 23/1/2015 08:29:12

Review: Just ordered my second bag of Fit n Fast for my working Cocker Spaniel. After a spell of her being a fussy eater, she settled with this food and has benefited in many ways - her coat is still very glossy (despite being spayed!), her stools are very easy to pick up, and she has lots of energy for long country walks. She is very content on this diet. Thank you CJS for helping me care for my pet.


"Fit N Fast"

Chris Bailey on 28/12/2014 13:27:25

Review: At last my Springer puppy (8months old) has found a food that doesn't make her itchy! It's also so nice to be picking up solids for the first time and no longer having to live with a smelly, windy dog. Having samples really helped and saved me money! Previous unsuitable sacks of food from other producers had to go off to my local rescue. She no longer looks really thin and her coat is thicker and softer - so all in all I am delighted! Thank you.


"My dog Flo has never looked so good"

Christine Dodridge on 14/12/2014 19:00:15

Review: She loves this food and looks fantastic on it. It was recommended by a friend and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Our dog is an almost three year old labradoodle who was very thin. She is thriving on this food and now looks a perfect weight. She has endless energy.


"fit and fast"

raine simpson on 12/12/2014 19:30:06

Review: after trying a multitude of quality complete foods, which caused loose stools. This has been great, my flat coated retriever has in a month gained weight at last. And his coat is coming through shiney and thick


"Fit 'n' Fast"

Roy Tildsley on 12/12/2014 03:42:24

Review: Bailey is really enjoying his Fit 'n' Fast meal. As an 11 month old Golden Retriever he is always ready to eat and I consider the gluten free wheat combined with the salmon, green that uses salmon as the protein source with green vegetables and herbs sounded just right for him. Bailey seems to agree so I have just ordered another two sacks. Thanks CSJ, a great product.



Brian Shaw on 2/12/2014 18:44:29

Review: My cocker spaniel does really well on this food, he is in fantastic condition, highly recommended


"Wonderful dog food"

Victoria on 21/11/2014 09:52:00

Review: After being on this food for a couple of weeks my labrador had a huge increase in energy levels. Her coat shone and she really looks healthy. You can tell she feels the same. I would highly recommend this food.


"Great Product"

Aaron Robbins on 9/11/2014 11:30:52

Review: i bought this for my husky who has issues with most foods. she also has a skin condition. and this has really help with gradual recovery. extremely please. but she does get bored of food quickly. so im going to change it up a little :P


"Poorly Paws"

Mrs Barbara A Sutherland on 2/11/2014 11:16:23

Review: My Airedale Bertie had very painful paws which became known as 'Poorly Paws'. Red indigenous cysts erupted in-between his toes together with red patches in between his pads. It was painful for him to walk. He had to wear boots. The vet tried every antibiotic known for dogs. We were even referred to a vet's referral. We tried all sorts of dog food, cut out treats. You name it we went there. Fortunately we met a dog owner out on a walk as dog owners do. Hey Ho they recommended CSJ without any additives. The result? No more 'Poorly Paws' Bertie is back to chasing squirrels up trees! Oh boy can our dog run, the ground moves out of his way! It CSJ for Bertie every time.


"Best dog food ever"

Amber Shaw on 22/10/2014 13:03:21

Review: I have been using this and complete tripe for a few months now and i'm getting comments on how well my collie Rufio looks and how soft and shiny his coat is and also that he looks stocky! I can't believe how much difference this food makes. i'll never use any other again"


"Fit n Fast works for our Dalmatian"

G Sharples on 25/8/2014 17:16:58

Review: Having tried lots of different foods and read lots about Dalmatians and avoiding offal we were delighted to come across CSJ Fit n Fast. Being salmon based and gluten free all our feeding problems were eradicated and his coat looks great. Our cockerpoo now 12 months and off puppy food decided also decided she likes it, so now a one food household - CSJ Fit n Fast for two active healthy dogs!


"My 3 dogs love it"

Tina Leahy on 24/7/2014 14:44:09

Review: I have a Husky x GSD and 2 Springers who all love this food. It has made their poo easily to clean up and also seems to be improving the look and feel of their coats. I am so happy with the CSJ products, good value and good ingredients. Wish I had started using them years ago!



Alison Page on 17/7/2014 23:59:15

Review: I have been very impressed with this food since our miniature schnauzer Oscar has been on it. His faeces are no longer soft and his weight has improved. Oscar really enjoys eating it and the price is also very reasonable.We are planning to change all of our dogs onto it very soon.


"So glad I made the change"

Karen Monaghan on 7/7/2014 08:19:05

Review: I switched to Fit n Fast after discussing with CSJ the problems I had with my dogs coat and poos. His coat is the best it's ever been with using this product along side Resist and he now only poops twice a day where before it was 4-5 times a day. He is admired daily by people while out on walks and it's made a massive change in his behaviour. He was always on the lookout for food but now he seems content with the Two meals per day. I would recommend this product to anyone with similar concerns about their dog .


"Finally found the right food!"

Sarah James on 29/6/2014 08:58:31

Review: I could not keep any weight on my Springer Spaniel until I discovered Fit'n'Fast whilst searching the internet in desperation! He runs 4-5 miles in CaniX harness most days and now has so much energy but is looking fit and healthy. It also calmed him down as he was no longer so hungry all the time. Thank you so much!!


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