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Although the use of herbs for animals and humans has become much more fashionable in recent years, I have to admit to always having been fascinated by the various uses and health-related properties of herbs - for both humans and animals. I also find it quite astonishing how little most people know about these amazing plants and how sceptical/cynical they remain - in large part due to their ignorance.

Over the last couple of years I have been fortunate to be able to work with one of the country's top herbalists and based on feedback from dog owners, we believe there is a real need for the following herbal preparations.

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Show product details for Gravy Works!

Gravy Works!

Price 13.50

New! A highly palatable, natural dog gravy that should be mixed with hot water before pouring over your champ's dinner. Pack size: 500g (containing approx 40 servings)

Show product details for No Ake - 75g

No Ake - 75g

Price 13.50

A highly potent herb that is aimed at the nutritional maintenance of the dog's musculo-skeletal system and in particular the inflammatory response.

Show product details for Turn Back Thyme! 200gm

Turn Back Thyme! 200gm

Price 13.50

This blend has been formulated with the older dog in mind.

Show product details for Focus!


Price 14.50

A totally natural herb mix that has been formulated specifically to encourage dogs to concentrate when training and/or competing. Wonderful positive feedback already being received..

Show product details for No Ake! tincture 250ml

No Ake! tincture 250ml

Owing to popular demand, out hugely popular product is now available in liquid form. 'No Ake! tincture is a highly potent herb extract that is aimed at the nutritional maintenance of the dog's musculo-skeletal system and in particular the inflammatory response.

Show product details for Come On!

Come On!

Price 13.50

Get ahead in the show ring! This wonderful conditioning mix of herbs would be ideal to help get your dog into winning condition. Great for coat, skin and body. Especially beneficial to underweight dogs(200g pot)

Show product details for Get Over!

Get Over!

Price 13.50

A herbal blend which can really benefit those dogs feeling their age and showing signs of stiffness now the weather is cold and wet. This is a brilliantly effective product.(200g pot)

Show product details for Calm Down!

Calm Down!

Price 13.50

If your dog is at all ring shy or stressed by these big occasions, 'Calm Down!' could be the answer but you need to start using it NOW(!) to give it a chance to help. In fact, we would recommend giving double the daily amount for the first 21 days to really get the product into your dog's system. Please don't leave it too late - it could be the difference between winning and ...disappointment. Now recommended by several Behavioural Trainers and Vets.

Show product details for Heal!


Price 13.50

A herbal blend for the nutritional balance of the digestive system. (200g pot)

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