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CSJ have developed this new range of super premium, 'natural' feeds - based on the requirements and feedback from some of the most experienced and successful dog handlers in the UK and overseas.
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Show product details for CP21 (Salmon)

CP21 (Salmon)

Price 31.75

This excellent food is perfect for dogs with sensitive tums or skin problems. Super premium, hypo allergenic dog food using salmon as the main ingredient.(15 kg sack)

Show product details for CP Puppy  Trial Pack

CP Puppy Trial Pack

Price 10.00

100% Natural Puppy Packs containing CP27(Puppy) food, 180g Fishcuits and a money-off voucher (redeemable against any Command Performance ration).

Show product details for CP Xtra

CP Xtra

Price 23.35

CP Xtra is more than just a natural wheat gluten free mixer! It is a 'complete' dog food that has been especially formulated as a conditioning supplementary feed for hard working or competing dogs that have difficulty gaining or holding bodyweight and is a perfect, natural 'balancer' to BARF diets (15 kg sack)

Show product details for CP27 (Puppy)

CP27 (Puppy)

Price 35.75

A super premium, hypo allergenic food for puppies of all breeds from around 3 weeks of age onwards. (15 kg sack)

Show product details for CP24 (Active)

CP24 (Active)

Price 31.75

A super premium dog food for active dogs. (15 kg sack)

Show product details for CP18 (Less Active)

CP18 (Less Active)

Price 31.75

A super premium dog food for less active dogs or ideal for using as part of a calorie controlled diet for overweight dogs. (15 kg sack)

Show product details for CP30 (Hi Energy - Salmon)

CP30 (Hi Energy - Salmon)

Price 33.75

A super premium hypo - allergenic, high energy dog food for very active dogs using salmon as the main ingredient. This ration is fast becoming the first choice of top racing sled dog teams - World Champion Keith Johnson; SDAS Championship Winners, Martin Hogg and Shane Murray (15 kg sack).


Please allow 5 full working days from ordering.

Items marked as 'Free Shipping' (eg Herbs, treats, etc.) are sent by 2nd Class Royal Mail post, and do not affect the weight of the 15 - 30kg food orders, that are shipped by courier.

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