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Show Dates

This section includes a listing of shows and events where CSJ or CSJ stockists will be attending. You will be able to meet them, ask questions, and buy CSJ products. Please contact the appropriate stockist for more information.

cheshire dog training association - Saturday 30 June - Saturday 1 June

levers playing feilds, cheshire ch62 3qq - James beattie (posted/updated 25/06/2018)

Agility Tournament - Saturday 4 August - Sunday 5 August

Harzer Agility Speed Dogs, 37574 Rittierode - Like2feed - Wolfram Dierlich (posted/updated 25/06/2018)

KC Agility Festival - Thursday 9 August - Sunday 12 August

Rockingham. LE16 8TH - Carol Baker (posted/updated 31/05/2018)

Danesford obedience d.t.c - Sunday 12 August

Macclesfield rugby club - Hayley clowes (posted/updated 01/05/2018)

Agility Tournament - Saturday 25 August - Sunday 26 August

VDH Odenheim - Germany - Like2feed - Wolfram Dierlich (posted/updated 03/07/2018)

Fenland Country Fair - Sunday 26 August - Monday 27 August

Quy Park, five miles east of Cambridge, just off the A14 (A1303 junction - Robin Pearson (posted/updated 02/01/2018)

Agility Tournament - Saturday 1 September - Sunday 2 September

SV OG Roßdorf - Germany - Like2feed - Wolfram Dierlich (posted/updated 23/07/2018)

Haddenham Steam Rally - Saturday 8 September - Sunday 9 September

A1421, Sutton Road, Haddenham, Ely, Cambs, CB6 3PT - Robin Pearson (posted/updated 02/01/2018)

Midland Game Fair - Saturday 15 September - Sunday 16 September

Weston Park,nr Shifnal, shropshire TF11 8LE - Carol Baker (posted/updated 25/06/2018)

Soham Pumpkin Fair - Saturday 29 September

Soham Recreation Ground, Fountain Lane, Soham, Cambs, CB7 5ED - Robin Pearson (posted/updated 02/01/2018)

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Champ to the Rescue!

Hi Ceri,

It is not often that you come across such good customer service these days so I thought I would give you an update…..and feel free to include any of it on your recommendations page.

I have been recommending it on the forum for NESSR and find several people are using Champ!

Our working strain Springers….all rescues:

Harry, (22 months) who is gluten intolerant…or at least has loose stools regularly if he has too much gluten in his food….is doing really well on the Lamb and Rice. He walks around whilst “going” less frequently and his stools are firmer. He has not had an anal gland problem since being on this food either. He has increased weight and, although still slim, is a fit boy whose muscle definition would be the envy of many athletes!! He lost weight for a while as he had a very severe reaction to an adder bite and was in the vet hospital for 5 days, but since then has put the weight back on so he is now almost 17kgs. He is very active.

Maddie (was 2 at the end of July) is the thin one, and despite being 18.5 “ is only not quite 14 kgs now. She is no longer “corrugated” along the ribs and is in peak condition on Champ.

Charlie, our stray, but probably was 2 around June/July) is a tall dog at 22.5” now has increased his weight from 19 kgs to about 21kgs and looks so glossy and fit. He is extremely fast and agile, but was too thin. Again Champ is great for him.

And our working strain Golden Retriever…also a rescue: Benson was 2 in mid July is very bouncy, but not as active as the springers on walks…..unless a person with light coloured clothing is in the distance…..! He came to us in April already on Champ. He has increased weight slightly as he needed to, but now must maintain this rather than increase further He is 31kgs and stands 24.5”….so not large as the show retrievers are, but big enough!

They all get bones and chicken wings to supplement and add interest every so often. I no longer feed the CP Xtra to the springers as they are maintaining the weight nicely on the Champ and L&R. The Xtra did the trick, though, in getting them started as nothing else (not even tripe) worked.

They all have beautiful coats now, have no tartar on their teeth and they are extremely fit dogs.

Best wishes


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Alan Rees

Alan Rees

Delfryd gundogs.

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