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Series 2 'A Way with Dogs' - full interviews with top handlers

Series 2 'A Way with Dogs' - full interviews with top handlers

See the full interviews with our elite team of top sheepdog handlers for Series 2 'A Way with Dogs' sheepdog trial in HD on YouTube.

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Customers' Views

Lesley Knowles - CP27 Puppy

Lesley Knowles - CP27 Puppy

Twiggy had her first litter of pups earlier this year and following advice from CSJ I used CP27 for Twiggy in the last stage of pregnancy and for weaning the pups.

The 5 pups all took to the  feed very well, grew very evenly and were lovely healthy pups. They were all early reaching their developmental milestones, were all very keen to learn and had  mastered basic commands by 8 weeks of age and then each pup went off to its new home and settled in very well right from the first night.

Their new owners have been thrilled with how well the pups coped with such a big change in their lives and as breeders we were very pleased with how well the puppies did.

Photo by Howard Kent

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Sarah Jane Campbell

Sarah Jane Campbell

Sarah Jane Campbell Sarkam.

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