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Customers' Views

Beverley Guthrie, Scotland

Thanks for the samples , my dogs are well behaved eaters but i was astounded to see them fighting to try to get to Baileys tripe to steal it.

I ordered the tripe from a local supplier and Hi/low and CP21 from your online shop and its been amazing the difference in them all. The girls are on the hi/low with a few kibbles of tripe to stop the stealing and Baileys doing really well on the tripe with no upset tummys  or loose bowels.

For an hour before meal times they would be walking the floor and running to their dish to try to get you to hurry but their new food seems to leave them fuller for longer and theyre not constantly scrounging.

Bailey is actually puting on a little weight with the tripe and looks much healthier. Hes always been scrawny no matter what we fed him and with his tum its been hard to keep weight on him

Thanks for your help. When i order next i will try the oil and treats you recommended!

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CSJ User Profiles

Mark Laker

Mark Laker

Mark has always been involved with dogs through training, working at kennels, and owning dogs...

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