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New 1st semi-final for 'A Way with Dogs' Series 2 is out now

The New 1st semi-final for 'A Way with Dogs' Series 2 is out now on CSJ YouTube and our website: www.

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Customers' Views

JH (West Yorkshire)

A couple of months ago I mailed you re our working bred lab puppy that had a bout of campylo bacter and I was struggling to find a food subsequent to that where she did not have loose stools 10+ times a day. You sent some free sample puppy foods and of the three I decided to go with Little Champ (she liked all three by the way). Well, she really has come on in leaps and bounds ever since (quite literally). She is developing into a really stunning athletic dog with a perfect coat and lots of energy. Her stools are as they should be and we are delighted with your products which not only are perfect but they are affordable and no nonsense. She will progress on to (adult) Champ in due course. I am recommending CSJ to anyone that will listen!

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CSJ User Profiles

Lawrence Morgan-Evans

Lawrence Morgan-Evans

Vanmore Great Danes - since 1981 the kennel has made up 21 Champions with the Vanmore affix!

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