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"Porky pooch no more"

on 2/8/2018

Review: My chocolate labrador gained a bit of weight when she was neutered. She is also a typical lab who loves her food! So when we made the change to Porky Pooch, Roxy still got everything she needed from her food but managed to lose weight back down to her target.


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"Porky Pooch - Dog on a diet"

on 24/6/2017

Review: My chocolate greeedy guts lab had put on a few extra KGs since he has slowed down a bit so I put him on porky pooch which had him back to a decent weight by the end of the bag. This is a really good food if like mine your dog eats more energy than he burns


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"No longer a porky pooch"

on 27/1/2017

Review: absolutely fantastic food for dogs who are prone to holding a bit too much weight. after just 14 days of use i could see a visible difference in the dog. and best part they loved it!! also great for maintaining a healthy weight.


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"Just what we needed"

on 1/9/2016

Review: I have 2 collies, the younger was overweight at 29kg and the 5 yo who does flyball was pushing 28kg. I was cutting their food down but noticed they seemed to lose their energy and their coats were dulling. Our local stockist suggested trying Porky Pooch for the heavier one. This I did and the change took about 3 weeks, weight coming down, coat blooming and more energy. I was so impressed I changed to other dog to it as well. Now I have a 25kg collie and a 24kg collie (they are both big dogs). Their energy levels are great and they look a picture. They came 3rd and 4th in dog in best condition from a field of 25 dogs at the local show!!. The flyball dog is running really well. All in in all an excellent feed that gives the nutrients a dog needs but with less bulk.


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