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Price: £12.00
Excellent value food for an adult dog. (15 kg sack)
Price: £13.25
Quality food containing a min 20% real chicken. (15 kg sack)
Price: £32.30
This excellent food is perfect for dogs with sensitive tums or skin problems. Super premium, hypo allergenic dog food using salmon as the main ingredient.(15 kg sack)
Price: £22.05
New, wheat gluten free, high energy ration that uses salmon as the protein source with green vegetables and herbs but containing no rice or artificial preservatives. Highly palatable and easily digestible. Size of bag: 15kg
Price: £21.30
For dogs with extra-sensitive stomachs. (15 kg sack)
Price: £15.10
Highly palatable and digestible, Natural Little Champ! is now the first choice puppy food of many top kennels. It also affords exceptional value. (15 kg sack)
Price: £15.10
A new lower protein addition to this hugely successful and popular range of dog foods. Perfect for the older or overweight dogs. (15 kg sack)
Price: £22.05
New, wheat gluten free recipe that uses fresh tripe as the main protein source with green vegetables and herbs but containing no artificial colours or preservatives. Highly palatable and easily digestible. Size of bag: 15kg
Price: £14.75
Are you looking for a natural tick treatment for your dog or cat? Billy No Mates! is a really effective, natural Flea, Tick and Mite Repellent for dogs and cats. BNM is simply sprinkled over food. And as well as repelling 'passengers', Billy No Mates! is great for skin and coat condition. We recommend BNM is used from early March onwards. 325g foil pouch. BNM is also available in a 1 kg pot with a saving per gram. Please note 5 ml scoop no longer included.
Price: £2.05
Tasty little bone shaped training treats that contain our Get Over! herbs (to aid mobility). Wheat gluten free and low calorie. Available in 200g packs.
Price: £21.30
Popular, wheat gluten free ration that has large, ring shaped kibble so is ideal for senior or overweight dogs or dogs with sensitive tums.(15 kg sack)
Price: £15.10
A new higher protein addition to this very successful and popular range of dog foods. (15 kg sack)
Price: £3.85
Dem Bones! are a completely natural treat for dogs containing effective levels of charcoal and herbs to help clean teeth, freshen bad breath and 'eliminate' bad instances of dog gas!! Available in 500g packs.
Price: £15.55
An ideal food for less active dogs. (15 kg sack)

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