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Natural Treats and Supplements
A range of natural treats and supplements.
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Price: £5.95
A very powerful, high energy feed block that is perfect for hard working dogs, stressed show dogs and can also build up underweight dogs, The 400g bar appears like a very chunky chocolate bar and can be easily broken up into small pieces to provide a regular energy source throughout the working dog's day.
Price: £1.00
They’re back! Our revised recipe, Fruit ‘n’ Mutt Energy Snack Bars may be used as training rewards, lunchtime snacks or as a post-exercise recovery meal Please see our offer on 20 bars
Price: £14.50
We honestly believe this to be the best quality salmon oil in the world. Several brands on the market make 'claims' they can't substantiate about the quality and production process of their fish oils: Our manufacturer is happy to show customers around their factory to see how the product is actually produced... Salmon oil is a great supplement for all dogs and cats. 500ml bottle with pump.
Price: £3.50
Fishcuits training treats are made from 100% fish and are free from anything artificial. Highly palatable and nutritious. Comes in a 180g resealable bag
Price: £20.00
A complete, top quality milk replacer - suitable for rearing puppies and bitches in whelp. It is also useful in its diluted form for encouraging dogs to drink to help avoid dehydration on hot (or very cold) competition days.
Price: £55.00
STORM® Canis is a totally natural feed supplement that can help all working and sporting dogs work at optimal speed and power for longer. By encouraging fast bursts of speed and quick recovery times, STORM® Canis actively promotes a dog's health and well being. It should be added to the normal diet, thus providing part of a normal balanced ration.
Price: £3.95
Delicious semi-moist 80% meat 'morsels' with Cranberry & Blackcurrant. Air-dried for extra flavour. Ideal as a tasty topper for your dog's dinner or possibly as tiny treating treats. Size of pack: 120g.
Price: £3.95
Delicious semi-moist 80% meat treats with Cranberry & Blackcurrant. Air-dried for extra flavour. Ideal for training.. Size of pack: 100g.
Price: £3.95
Delicious semi-moist 80% meat treats with Seaweed & Parsley. Air-dried for extra flavour. Ideal for reward while benefiting your dog's oral health. Size of pack: five sticks approx 100 g
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