Come On! 300gm

Get ahead in the show ring! This wonderful conditioning mix of herbs would be ideal to help get your dog into winning condition. Great for coat, skin and body. Especially beneficial to underweight dogs (300g foil pouch) Please note the 5 ml scoop is no longer included. Shipped by 2nd class Royal Mail
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Come On!  300gm
Come On! 300gm
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Here's a little winning secret in the 'show world'....'Come On!' This natural product has been formulated using human grade herbs to give your dog a 'boost'- whether it be energy or general condition. It has also helped some dogs to gain weight. This herbal mix has to be one of the best tonics around and smells absolutely wonderful. My own dogs love it. Several show bench dog owners swear by this product for helping get their dogs in tiptop condition while others believe it has given their lethargic dogs 'a new lease of life'. Come On! may also support the function of the pancreas. Supplied in a 300g resealable foil pouch. Please note the 5 ml scoop is no longer included. Shipped by 2nd class Royal Mail


Echinacea, Fenugreek, Seaweed, Milk Thistle, Garlic Granules, Nettle and Rosehips.

Echinacea has been described as the 'Super Herb' because of its ability to help the body fight infections by supporting the immune system. Interestingly, dogs with various sensitivities have sometimes benefited from this herb.
Fenugreek is often used as an appetiser and can be used to help gain weight and condition.
Seaweed provides a wonderful natural supply of vitamins and minerals and is used for pigmentation in the coat (as well as keeping a dog's nose the correct colour!).
Milk Thistle is just an amazing herb - for both humans and dogs! Did you know that the liver is the largest organ in the body and performs more than 500 different tasks? It is a food processor, a storehouse for nutrients and a factory that makes hormones and other substances. It is also a filter that removes toxins from the blood - "the best detoxification organ there is". Milk Thistle has been used to support and maintain the liver functions.
Garlic is regarded as another 'wonder herb' for all its various benefits for both humans and dogs. These many benefits are already well known! For example, garlic can help support the digestive system but did you know it can also act as a natural flea repellent! Fleas often harbour tapeworms that get into the dog's system when he swallows the fleas. It therefore usually follows, that if a dog has tapeworms he probably has fleas as well. So rather than fight the fleas that are already in place, you can keep them off to begin with. Garlic changes the flavour of your dog's blood and although dogs love the pungent taste of garlic, the fleas don't!
Nettle can help to stimulate a dog's appetite - acting like a tonic. The powdered form of the common stinging nettle is often used in cases of flaky or scurfy skin conditions and hair loss where bald patches appear. It can also help the hair to grow back!
Rosehips are a great natural source of vitamin C that helps support a dog's immune system to fight off viral and bacterial infections.

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"Happiness is....."

Jane Palmer Williams on 1/10/2014

Review: Our rescue lab came to us very thin with dull fur and a scabby sore on her head. Vet did a biopsy as he thought it might be a cancerous growth and prescribed expensive ointments but to no avail.... after six months of CSJ dry dog food, salmon oil and Come On herbs, the sore has completely gone away, her coat is shiny and she is the happiest and most loving dog we could hope for. People are always commenting on how great she looks. I can't help thinking that all this goodness must have long-term ... More details


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"Amazing product"

Louise on 2/9/2014

Review: We bought this product a few months ago along with Heal on the advise of Nicki. (She was amazing to talk to) We had taken on a badly abused and very malnourished and underweight dog and despite spending a ridiculous amount of money at the vets for tests pills and potions etc they had been unable to work out, why after several months of us trying to feed her up she was unable to put weight on. We were becoming really desperate as she was soooo thin with every bone showing and we starting to loose... More details


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"Come on"

Maureen Purdom on 20/9/2013

Review: Had my two dogs Yoshi and Keisha on Csj for a couple of years now Yoshi needs filling out a bit he is only 2 so I am now trying him on Come On the smell is Georgous he loves it and they both have lovely shiny coats on their Sooper Dooper just think all their products are fantastic recommended to my friends


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"Hike On"

susan bainbridge on 15/8/2013

Review: Our rescue bc was on a high st brand when he arrived. Our vet suggested a working dog diet and this is one of three that CSJ thought would work for us. Our dog loved all the samples, so choosing was difficult. He loves his food, his coat is glossy and he has LOADS of energy.


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"happy dog"

joanne beeson on 19/6/2013

Review: my airedale lost a huge amount of fur on her back after I had changed her diet with a bag of food from a local shop. The vets were going to do testing at a huge cost to see what the issues were. However i contacted CJS who told me to switch back the food and try Come on and salmon oil and after 3 months we are now seeing hair growth :) and my pooch has gained the weight she had lost thank you so much for your advice


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