Pemmikan Energy Bar

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A very powerful, high energy feed block that is perfect for hard working dogs, stressed show dogs and can also build up underweight dogs, The 400g bar appears like a very chunky chocolate bar and can be easily broken up into small pieces to provide a regular energy source throughout the working dog's day.. Shipped by 2nd class Royal Mail.
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Pemmikan Energy Bar
Pemmikan Energy Bar
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Kronch Pemmikan is a very powerful, high energy feed block that has been specially formulated for working dogs such as gundog, agility dogs, flyballers, racing sled dogs, search & rescue dogs – as well as those in training or stressed show dogs. The energy dense bar contains approx. 6000 Kcal/Kg (or 2400 Kcal.per bar) so makes it possible to give your working dog a needed energy boost just before a demanding task without overfilling the dog’s stomach. By keeping your dog full of energy, it ‘shields’ out the adverse effects of the cold or heat which helps keep its performance constant throughout the day. Pemmikan has been shown to help reduce the stress dogs encounter in dog shows and other similar situations, such as long waiting periods. Kronch Pemmikan consists of as much as 58.5% fat, salmon, fishmeal, barley, corn, brewers yeast and numerous vitamins and minerals. Feeding Guide: The 400g Pemmikan bar is divided into eight x 50g squares (just like a bar of chocolate!) so it is easy to feed when out competing. The maximum daily ration needed is generally 100 grams (2 pieces) although dogs competing at a very high level of activity may need a maximum of 200g (4 pieces) eg racing sled dogs. In fact this bar is used as an energy source for dogs on arctic expeditions as it provides such a high source of energy, can be kept for a very long time and is easy to pack and store. The effect of Pemmikan sets in after approximately 30 minutes and it reaches its full effect after approx. one hour. Therefore it may be advantageous to split the daily ration into several small portions to keep a constant performance. For agility or flyball dogs - we would recommend the handler breaks one chunk into 4 little pieces which are fed one every 20 minutes up to 20 minutes before the competition starts. Pemmikan is also an excellent product for building up underweight dogs without over-filling the stomach.
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"Helps stamina and definition"

Stephen Turner on 9/2/2022

Review: I started giving this to my 5yo GSP at lunchtime and at the end of the day when working her on shoots this season. It’s clearly helped her muscle definition as a judge commented on it at a dog show. Also helps with her stamina as she’s now working 4 shoots this season and still performs as well at the end of the season as at the beginning.


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"Excellent for helping underweight dogs"

James on 11/1/2022

Review: This product has been great, provides a much needed boost of energy during long tracks, and it is ideal for helping underweight or emaciated dogs pick up condition.


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"Gundog Essential"

Camilla Scanlan on 11/6/2021

Review: Bought this for my middle aged spaniel to give him an extra boost of energy on a long day of gundog work in the beat line. I give a small chunk of the bar just before he is needed to work and I notice a huge difference in his performance, he's like a young dog again! Myself and several other dog owners keep this on hand to give them an extra boost of energy throughout the day.


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"Great boost for long fell/mountain walks"

Charlotte Seden on 23/1/2016

Review: Wasn't sure about this when I got it, but it absolutely fit the purpose I bought it for: a wet, winter walking holiday in Snowdonia that meant my collies needed a pick-me-up to keep going. They just about took my hand off for it!


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"Pemmikan Bars"

Joanna Newman on 1/9/2013

Review: These energy bars really make a difference & would't run my dogs in Fly Ball without giving it to them.


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