CSJ Salmon Oil

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We honestly believe this to be the best quality salmon oil in the world. Several brands on the market make 'claims' they can't substantiate about the quality and production process of their fish oils: Our manufacturer is happy to show customers around their factory to see how the product is actually produced... Salmon oil is a great supplement for all dogs and cats. 500ml bottle with pump.
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CSJ Salmon Oil
Product Details

Salmon oil is a great supplement for all dogs and cats but not all oils are the same! Most companies tend to buy in their oil which has been heat extracted and separated by a centrifuge – which can ‘damage’ the product, but NOT CSJ!

We have finally sourced what we believe to be the best quality salmon oil in the world supplied by the only company to use freshly caught Norwegian salmon which they process by cold pressing within 24 hours in their factory – to produce the purest salmon oil possible.

CSJ Salmon Oil contains no preservatives or artificial colours – it is 100% pure and by cold pressing the salmon, the important unsaturated fatty acids Omega -3 and -6 are not broken down and their qualities impaired. These essential fatty acids are important to your dog/cat as they will help strengthen the immune system and help maintain healthy skin and a glossy coat.

What are Omega –3 and Omega –6

Both Omega –6 and Omega –3 fatty acids belong to a group of polyunsaturated fats called ‘essential’ because they are necessary to life and to health. Yet animals and humans cannot produce them in the body – they must be obtained from the diet. They cannot be inter–converted and both must be present in a proper balance for good health. Their differences lie in their chemical structure and their roles in the body. Basically, the Omega –3s have anti inflammatory benefits and help prevent heart disease, whereas Omega-6s lower blood cholesterol and maintain a healthy coat and skin.

What is Omega –3?

Omega –3 are the essential fatty acids known as the “super-unsaturates”. They are a family of essential nutrients which when present in the diet over a long period of time, may have the power thousands times the power of Aspirin to stop the inflammatory reactions responsible for arthritis and hip displasia. Omega -3 are concentrated throughout the food chain, but are most abundant in the oils of cold-water fish such as salmon.


  • SALMON : 2.07
  • BEEF : 0.03
  • CHICKEN : 0.06

(Source: USDA Nutrition Database Grams per 100gm portion).

Feeding Guide

Body Weight / Pump Strokes
0 – 12kg / 1
12 – 24kg / 2
24 – 48kg / 3
More than 48kgs / 4

Mix the salmon oil into your dog/cat’s dinner.
** It will also act as an ideal ‘carrier’ for our CSJ working herbs.

Nutritional Content per 100g:
Energy; 3750kj / 890 kcal

Available in 500ml bottles

Product Reviews

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"Tasty for our salmon lover"

on 9/7/2017

Review: Our dog loves a bit of this on her dinner, and we like that she gets an extra nutrient kick. Being on a special diet, she can't have certain animal products, but fish is fine, so we like that things like this are available.


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"Quality product"

on 7/7/2017

Review: Ive been using this oil for my labradors, there coats now really shine. Thanks for suggesting it.


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"Salmon oil"

on 18/12/2016

Review: Been using this for a few months now and have just ordered my second bottle.Has greatly improved stiffness in my collie girl who has bad hips.A combination of the salmon oil and csj`s no ake seems to be helping her alot without the need for medication.Very happy and will continue to buy.


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"Fantstic oil and service."

on 8/9/2016

Review: U got to try this salmon oil. Our dog (Labrador) is allergic to beef, barley, venison, dust mites, grain mites and few other things. She has always had flaky skin and thin coat but after trying this for 2 weeks wow!! what a difference to her skin and coat. Her coat has thickened so much and is so soft and shiny. The flaky skin has all but gone and her coat gets complemented on when she is out for walks. We also use Billy no mates which is great. Thank you for this product


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"Great Value"

on 10/7/2016

Review: I am usually very sceptical about "wonder cures". But I have been really impressed with this. My labrador was getting nasty skin scabs and hot spots round his neck - the vet prescribed steroid ointment but I didn't want to keep using that in high quantities. I started add this salmon oil to his meals.... and within a week all scabs cleared. Six months later he is still completely clear, and I'm only half way through the bottle. Fantastic value, thank you from me and a very happy lab!


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