STORM® Canis - 1kg

STORM® Canis is a totally natural feed supplement that can help all working and sporting dogs work at optimal speed and power for longer. By encouraging fast bursts of speed and quick recovery times, STORM® Canis actively promotes a dog's health and well being. It should be added to the normal diet, thus providing part of a normal balanced ration. Shipped by 2nd class Royal Mail.
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STORM® Canis - 1kg
STORM® Canis - 1kg
Product Details

Highly effective support to optimise muscle performance

STORM® Canis delays muscle fatigue and improves recovery by optimising local muscle fuel stores, improving management of lactic acid and supporting muscle recovery and repair following strenuous exercise.

STORM® Canis is a natural complementary feed supplement that can help all working and sporting dogs work at optimal speed and power for longer. It should be added to the normal diet, thus providing part of a normal balanced ration.

STORM® Canis is scientifically proven to delay muscle fatigue and the ‘burn’ of lactic acid build up in muscles, which means that your dog can perform at maximum speed or power for longer. Moreover, it supports muscle repair and speeds recovery.

Science behind STORM® Canis

The combination of active ingredients in STORM® Canis is unique worldwide. Developed by the world's leading authority on Carnosine, this revolutionary product can transform your dog in any discipline, both in training or competition.

STORM® Canis combines ProCarnosine® with a specialised carbohydrate and other functional amino acids and amino acid derivatives. STORM® Canis comprehensively supports muscle function to optimise work and performance.

STORM® Canis is rigorously tested for Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS) prior to release for sale and is a completely legal feed additive.

Feeding Guide

Feed STORM® Canis at a rate of 10g per day per day split between two feeds (5g x 2 per day). A scoop that provides 5g is provided in each tub of STORM® Canis.STORM® Canis is available in a 1kg tub that will last a single dog 100 days. A single dog will require about 300g of STORM® Canis per month.

For a sustained effect STORM® Canis should be fed for 1 month prior to racing or competition and then fed throughout the working or competition season. STORM® Canis can be discontinued out of season or during periods of rest.

Remember - STORM® Canis is a complementary feeding stuff for working dogs to be fed alongside a normal balanced diet. 


ProCarsonine® Nitrogenous organic acid, Alpha amino acids, sucrose derivative.


Protein: 74% Oil: trace Fibre: trace Ash: trace Contains EEC permitted flavour.

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