Eezy Peezy! 300gm

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Eezy Peezy! is a herbal blend for the maintenance of the urinary system and is also great for preventing burn marks on your lawn. (300g foil pouch)
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Eezy Peezy! 300gm
Eezy Peezy! 300gm
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'Eezy Peezy!' has been specifically formulated to optimise urinary health and can help prevent burn marks on your lawns. Honestly! This product is brilliant!! Supplied in a 300g resealable foil pouch.


Burdock Root, Celery Seed, Golden Rod, Dandelion.

Burdock Root is one of the foremost cleansing herbs, providing nourishing support for the blood, the liver, and the natural defense system. It's rich in Vitamins B-1, B-6, B-12, and E, plus manganese, copper, iron, zinc, and sulfur. Unsurprisingly, Burdock Root can be found in many tonic formulas and special blends designed for internal cleansing.
Burdock is used to support the function of many organs of elimination (liver, kidney, bowels).
Celery Seed is used today, primarily to help promote the excretion of urine. This action, combined with the presence of the other beneficial compounds found in celery seed, also makes it useful in helping to support the urinary tract. Interestingly, laboratory studies have found that this herb and its essential oil may also help reduce muscle spasms and calm the nerves.
Golden Rod may help to maintain a healthy urinary .
Dandelion acts as a support to the general system, but most especially to the urinary organs, and maintains the health of the kidneys and liver.

Product Reviews

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"Really good stuff"

on 20/1/2017

Review: We''ve been using this for our springer who has an ectopic ureter, he''s been operated on but was still having issues with infections and leaking. We bought a tub to try and it really helped no infections at all but ran out recently and have noticed a difference so new tub being ordered today


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"So far so good"

on 2/1/2017

Review: I''m using this product to prevent my dogs developing urinary problems as one had an x-ray on her pelvis that also showed light kidney spots and one has insane minute-long wees!! My old boy also wee''d a lot, one of the guys that likes to scent everything, and he was mildly incontinent so after being on the Hold It! for two or three years and his body adjusting to it I changed him to this and it also did the trick. Even if they didn''t have problems to alleviate I would get a tub once a year to ... More details


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"Urinary problems"

on 14/10/2015

Review: My old girl had been suffering from urinary problems for many months and was constantly being prescribed anti-biotics and metacam. I was told that these drugs were the only way to treat her condition. As I already use Billy no mates, which is amazing, I thought I would try this and hey presto! She hasn't had any drugs for over a year. Absolutely amazing. I have recommended to many of my friends and my vet has made a note on her record.


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"It Works"

on 3/12/2014

Review: In the past I tried other lawn burn tablets, but to no avail, there was still loads of bad burn marks. It got to the point I was having to hose down the area after my dog toileted to stop the damage! So I decided to try a more natural alternative. I must say this has done wonders in reducing the lawn burn in my garden, will definitely continue!


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"Not sure...."

on 1/10/2014

Review: I have been using this product for a few months and the jury is out.... My rescue dog's general bowel health has improved immeasurably since going on a CSJ-only diet, but I was hoping for more results from this herb mix. Burn marks on grass persist!! My dog is large so perhaps I should increase the dose (she has one scoop a day). I am sure it has helped her urinary health , but would love an aesthetic benefit as well. Have just ordered tub #2, so will report back.


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