Heal! 250gm

A herbal blend for the nutritional balance of the digestive system. (250g foil pouch) (please note this no longer contains a 5ml scoop) Shipped by 2nd class Royal Mail
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Heal!  250gm
Heal! 250gm
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I have to say, that the most common problems dog owners have asked me about would all be digestion - related. Many of which have been much helped or 'sorted' by a change of diet (on to one of the CSJ rations) but 'Heal!' really helps to soothe the stomach and 'calm' any irritation. I used 'Heal!' in conjunction with 'Resist!' to maintain dogs digestive systems in a high state of health. Comes in a 250g resealable foil pouch. Shipped by 2nd class Royal Mail


Chamomile, Scullcap, Comfrey Leaf, Aniseed, Mint. .

Camomile is valuable in helping support the nervous system. Commonly known as the most popular herbal tea for a "relaxing sleep", Chamomile is often used as a 'calming and digestive aid'. It can also benefit some skin conditions. It can also help maintain healthy skin.
Scullcap is traditionally used to calm and relax without interfering with the performance of the animal.
Comfrey Leaf can help support and maintain a healthy digestive system.
Aniseed promotes digestion, improves appetite and relieves flatulence.
Mint can be taken to help support the nervous system and, as everybody knows, can be taken to aid digestive system.

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"Excellent Product really has helped"

Kerry on 12/5/2022

Review: They have really helped my dogs stomach. I use these along with the complete Tripe food. We now no longer get stomach gurgling while digesting and poo quality is a lot better.


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"Brilliant Product"

Annabelle Shemming on 4/6/2020

Review: My female has a very sensitive stomach and has to have a carefully managed diet to accommodate this. This mix has helped her stomach no end and she has had fewer incidents of an upset stomach since using this product, would definitely recommend it to dogs who have a sensitive stomach.


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"Life Saver"

Ruth Donaldson on 24/6/2019

Review: Our labradoodle puppy arrived with giardia that plagued her for nearly 6 months. She had three courses of the usual medication to eradicate it, however the strength/dose and never ending antibiotics left her gut a complete mess. Her stools were a disgusting mess of blood and 'egg white' slimy bright yellow. Our vet said that she'd have to be on medication and specialist 'expensive' dog food 'for the rest of her life' to help combat her 'weak' digestive track. Even being an ignorant first time do... More details


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"Brilliant It Works"

Alexandra Galliers -Pratt on 1/1/2019

Review: I have a young Labrador under a year who try’s to eat everything and kept giving himself upset stomachs , I tried another product which was helping but not altogether satisfied and then saw this product.I introduced it with the other product and continue after the other product ran out ,and it seems to keep his insides very sorted also I have noticed the desire for muck eating seems to be fading,but no more bad stomachs, I will definitely continue to use. And all I can say is give it a try ,the ... More details


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"Can’t live without it!"

Pam Randall on 30/8/2018

Review: My 12 year old border collie has been using this for two to three years and it’s certainly calmed down her sensitive tummy! I sometimes think she doesn’t need it because she’s fine, but of course I soon realise it’s because she IS taking it that she’s ok! I soon start giving it to her again!


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