Resist! 200g

A totally natural herbal supplement that can help support the dog's natural immune system to help 'fight' intolerances and sensitivities while putting a wonderful shine on their coat! 200g foil pouch. (please note this no longer contains a 5ml scoop) Shipped by 2nd class Royal Mail
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Resist!  200g
Resist! 200g
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We would call this our 'miracle' product as it has helped to solve so many problems. 'Resist!' is a totally natural herbal supplement that can help the dog's natural immune system. Ideal for dogs with skin problems, sensitivities, intolerances, dull coats, recovering from illness or surgery or those that are generally just feeling 'out of sorts'.  Perfect for getting dogs into show ring condition. Comes in a 200g foil pouch. Shipped by 2nd class Royal Mail

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"Miraculous Herbs"

Julia Antenbring on 22/8/2022

Review: Two summers in a row my dog has developed extreme itchiness, which hasn’t been environmental. Last year I discovered it was a food allergy and this year flea. She’s never had fleas before as we use Billy No Mates, but she was in contact with a feral cat. On both occasions I used Resist and within three weeks the scratching stopped. When nothing else has worked and you are at your wits end trying to help your dog who is suffering, I think this herb is quite simply miraculous! From now on I will c... More details


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"An extra boist when needed"

Michael Poole on 28/7/2022

Review: My dog suffers very badly with seasonal allergies during May to Jul and less so beyond into November. I use these herbs to boost her immune system when she really needs it. These herbs have helped her so much over the past few years. So pleased I found this company and the herbal products.


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"No more drippy nose"

Tilly Veal on 27/7/2022

Review: I would not have thought to use echinacea for allergic asthma/rhinitis but the last review persuaded me so thank you so much C.Smith. I had tried many other herbs like mullein nettle etc. My 10 yr old alsatian was gasping for breath all night with mucus blocking his nostrils. This has been a nightmare for two years with no sleep for both of us. Vet charged me £800 for chest xray, diagnosed bronchitis (dog never coughed once!) and put him on pred steroids that made him incontinent. Thank goodness... More details


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"Runny Nose no longer"

C. Smith on 11/10/2019

Review: My collie suffered from continual nasal discharge throughout the Spring and Summer in 2018 and had an infection with his nose being very red and sore. He was treated with a range of drugs including antibiotics before the condition cleared up. In 2019 the problem recurred and again had antihistamines, steroids, anti biopics to name a few. One of the treatments upset his tum and he became very poorly. After a few days in a vet hospital he came home and I started using Resist to boost his immune sy... More details


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"boost for my older dogs"

C Birks on 16/8/2019

Review: I give this to my older dogs as a preventative. I give it for the 1st 7 days of every month. I like the idea of a preventative rather than trying to cure something!


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