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Adelaine Bastiaansen-Wieggerinck

Adelaine and her husband Kees compete in 30 agility competitions per season and say they ‘can't live without agility'.

The dogs………

Adelaine and Kees (who also has his own profile on the CSJ website) own 4 dogs. 3 Border Collies and 1 mixed Labrador.

Their mixed Labrador ‘Quinty' is now 9 years old and not competing any more.

Adelaine also has ‘Maeglin Eyla', a blue merle Border Collie in grade 3. She is 5 years old.

She also competes as handler with ‘Maeglin Hippy' (a Border Collie) on behalf of the owner. Hippy is 2 years old at the moment and competing in grade 2.

Adelaine's beginnings in Agility……….

Adelaine began with her mixed LabradorQuinty, just for the fun. She was training in a club in Baarle-Hertog, Belgium, competing in approximately 6 competitions per season.

After Quinty, her husband Kees took on a Border Collie ‘Demi' and after Demi Adelaine had another Border Collie ‘Eyla'. Adelaine says, "Before we knew we were involved in the agility world and now we cannot live anymore without agility.”

The training…….

Adelaine and Kees have their own agility place and train almost every day. They are training now in the club HS Canis in Wechelderzande in Belgium.

The biggest success so far?


This year in July and first of August ‘Eyla' competed in the Country Final on the Border Collie Classic ………..she was one of the 4 best dogs in Belgium.

Training other peoples' dogs

Adelaine also gives lessons in different things - just one dog at the time, no groups. She says, "Most of the dogs with handlers that come to me have a problem with one or more things.”

Selling food…………

Do you sell any food? "Yes, CSJ”

What do you think of CSJ products?

"CSJ dog food is great, all my dogs are really good on the food. They have a very high speed and never been sick. Great skin and coat!!”

Adelaine can currently be contacted at NB Kees and Adelaine are moving shortly to Belgium, to: Molenstraat 70, 2387 Baarle-Hertog Belgium 0031- 610685120

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Customers' Views

Emma Sunderland (and Kes and Pep)

You may remember earlier this year you provided me with some advice regarding my agility dog. I asked about adding that little bit of extra stamina and you advised adding some CP Xtra. I have been trying this over the months since and I do feel it has made an improvement. I wouldn't say it is a dramatic change but I feel happier knowing I am giving him that bit more energy.

We have also changed one of our working collies on the farm onto CP24 and Xtra. He is the litter brother to my collie and we felt he was needing more energy and stamina for working. He has never been a speedy eater, he used to graze when he felt like eating. However, since changing to CSJ he has dramatically changed his appetite - he now sits and waits for his food and eats it all in one go rather than grazing. We feel he has better stamina and keeps his weight up better (he used to yo-yo a lot and go quite thin at times on other food).

So basically, an all-round thumbs-up for CSJ!! The dogs obviously like it and I feel better knowing I am giving a good quality food with good meat content and no crappy ingredients!!

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