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Alan Rees

"As a true Welshman one of my greatest moments was being asked to Captain Wales at the CLA Game Fair International – this I undertake with great pride and responsibility, although it isn't always an easy job!”

Alan (seen on far left of photo) and his wife run a small kennel in South West Wales and (although they have owned a Golden Retriever in the past) currently own five Labradors – including two Field Trial Champions, two Field Trial Winners and a young dog.

In the beginning

Alan got into dogs in 1989 as a past time to relieve pressure as a very high ranking Rugby Referee.

His refereeing career came to an end after a very serious road traffic accident and then dogs became more important as he was unable to return to the level he was refereeing at.

He says, "I'm fortunate to have had a degree of success and although not a ‘Professional' I am an ‘A' Panel K.C. judge and travel all over the British Isles and Continent doing what I enjoy. I'm also a member of the F.T. Liaison Committee at the Kennel Club - doing my bit for the sport.”

Alan's biggest/most memorable success?


Alan says he can't even begin to think of that and single one thing out – he has been very fortunate to have made up 7 Field Trial Champions, ran at the Retriever Championship on more times than he can remember (he thinks about eight). He has run for Wales at 20 CLA Game Fair Internationals, let alone other Internationals such as the World Cup at Highclere and Sherbourne - winning the event as a team on three occasions. He has won Open stakes in England, Wales and Scotland but never been to Ireland. "The Labrador Retriever Club Centenary Open Qualifier at Windsor was a bit special, winning at the best trial grounds in the British Isles is also special e.g. grounds like Abbeystead, Windsor, Dornells, Scone, Blankney ; all great venues, all great memories.”

Asked about ‘special' dogs he says


"The dog that stands out in my mind as the one I would dearly love to clone or bottle and have him all over and over again was F.T.Ch Linksview Jock – we called him Jake. He won three two day Opens, three one day Opens let alone the other numerous awards he had, he had three seconds, and two thirds at the CLA International, won numerous tests and was something very special. I can't ever forget my first Field Trial Champion Lough Cuan of Kenour – we called him Glen. He was special – he helped me back to health after my serious accident – I actually ran him when I started to walk again in 1990 in a neofract spinal jacket , barely being able to move – he was awesome.”

Feeding the dogs


Alan and a friend share a bulk order of CSJ and share it to their requirements – he says, "Some people do come to me for a bag or two – now they know that I feed CSJ and how well my dogs look on it and how well they perform on it.”

Alan can be contacted at 01269 841 281 mobile 07966772 402 or email:

"I don't change what I feed on a whim and you could say that I'm ‘a fussy bugger' – but I am delighted with my choice to feed CSJ – it gives me everything I want from dog food and my dogs look great – I have found the right balance and they are really performing well on CSJ – I'm one happy customer – long may it continue.” Alan Rees

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Alan Rees

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Customers' Views

Duncan Sinclair Willis, Mirymoor Gundogs

I just wanted to say a big thank you to CSJ. Brian Sellers has now been in touch and we got on well. I now have all my clients' dogs on CSJ Feeds and all of them are very happy with what they get. Great products and the way in which it has been received by my clients is a tribute to the quality of the food inside the bag, not any fancy graphics on the front! I've just had to order another 30 bags because I can't keep up with demand.

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Alan Rees

Alan Rees

Delfryd gundogs.

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