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Avis Boreham

Avis has been involved in gundogs in some way for 30 years and says her most memorable success is, “Finally finishing my Gundog book in 2013 – Understanding Your Gundog”.

Avis’s other notable success include:

  • Achieving 4 working test awards with her Cocker dog
  • Becoming a professional trainer of Gundog handlers
  • Being a KC Assured  Breeder with 2 breeding bitches and 2 stud dogs
  • Being a Master trainer of the Guild of Dog Trainers

Avis has also rehomed more than 200 dogs!

How it all started

Avis followed her husband into the shooting world about 35 years ago and became passionate about working gundogs……………. she has been involved with re-homing, behaviour problems, breeding & training for the field, and has been teaching handlers and training dogs for 10 years.

The current dogs at Ashleygrove

2 Labradors and 5 Cockers.

Avis sells and recommends CSJ products and is also involved in many other canine activities……….

  • Canine Psychology
  • Run the picking up team on the local shoot, 8 x 150 bird days in season
  • Member of picking up team at Knebworth House Shoot - 20 days of 300 birds in season
  • Give advice and support on behaviour, training and breeding
  • Breed Spaniels and Labs
  • Whelping bitches for friends

See her entry in the CSJ Stockists section of the website.

Avis can be contacted at:

Avis Boreham, GWB Office Furniture Ltd, 113 Codicote Rd. 07746 819 990

"They love the taste and we love the effect on their health and condition.” Avis Boreham

Avis and dogs

Avis and dogs

Avis and dogs

Avis and dogs



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Avis Boreham

'Ashleygrove' gundogs.
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Customers' Views

Ruth Smith, Essex

I would just like to say a huge thank you.

Skye is now on the herbs and your food 'No Grainer'I have found a stockiest not far from me where i picked up a bag of food from the other Sunday.

We have now been on the no grainer for two weeks slowly introduced it with no ill affect.  

Skye stools are solid and the best they have ever been and they don't smell, she has no pain or discomfort. 

She is just a happy little dog now and loves your food.

I never thought I would get her right and that it was something that i would just have to have lived with but not any more. 

I can not say how happy I am with your product and your services. You have been so helpful and fantasic.

Thank you so very much.


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David Williams

David Williams

How David began his passion for field trials... “I was first introduced to the sport around 5 years ago..."

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