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Cheshire Canine Services

“With gundogs, protection dogs and sheepdogs, the trainers at CCS recognise the need to keep working dogs in top condition, and this means using quality feed and supplements. "Our dogs work hard for us, and by using CSJ we are putting their health and fitness at the top of the list of priorities, and you really can see the vigour in puppies fed on CSJ!" - Mike Crawford, Head Trainer.

All aspects of dog training

With private and group training available for pets and working dogs throughout Cheshire and training facilities for hire in Chester, CCS have experienced and knowledgeable trainers in all aspects of dog training.

Mike says his techniques use respect, understanding and clear instruction to teach the dog what they expect from it.

Why use Cheshire Canine Services?

Mike says on the website, “Learn how to handle your dog properly and mould them into a companion or working dog to be proud of.

Whether you require a highly trained security dog or a well- mannered family member, the basic principles are the same: Simplicity, repetition and reward.

Combine these principles with a knowledge and understanding of canine behaviour and you are well on the road to having your ideal dog.

With private, secure training grounds we can cater for all training needs.
Clear instruction and interesting lessons to keep you and your dog in the zone!”

He goes on to say, “We get lots of “defectors” from other trainers and they are all surprised at how easy it actually is to train your dog!
Individualised lesson plans, homework and pointers sent to you after each lesson so you can build your own training blog and keep things fresh in your mind.”

The Facilities

With hugely impressive facilities including ½ acre rabbit pen for Gundog training, K9 assault course for Protection and Security training, 3 acre mini trials course for Sheepdog training and agility/obstacle course for Companion dog training Cheshire Canine Services can cater for every need and the testimonials they receive speak for themselves.

The Instructors


When I was young I spent every hour I could with horses, dogs and rooting around in the countryside, I recognised people by their dog’s name and not their own! Not much has changed!
My Uncle Bill worked on the Duke of Westminster’s estate, and walking with him and his dogs around the land he shot over (most of which I now shoot on) was the start of my schooling in Springer Spaniels.
I have never been a “dog lover”, my relationship has always been an appreciation of watching animals work and seeing them want to please their handler and do a good job.
Over the past few years I have had the privilege of learning from and training with some of the best dog trainers in the world. Some of them are famous, winning titles and accolades in various working disciplines with the best bred dogs for the job, and some of them are unknown to the outside world, with a couple of sheepdogs or gun dogs that would rival any competition teams because of the relationship and understanding they have together.
I am a spaniel man at heart, the enthusiasm, determination and work ethic of a decent spaniel is an absolute pleasure to watch, and I work mine in the beating line of Rawhead and Peckforton shoots in Cheshire. I have a couple of sheepdogs whose talent and desire for sheep far outweighs the work I have for them, so regular training and freelance shepherding keep us all in shape!
Police dogs were always a great attraction to me at fairs and shows, so having a couple of German Shepherds and training them for Personal Protection and property guarding was a natural progression in my dog training experience, and completing a Diploma in Canine Psychology and Behaviour has given me an academic knowledge to complement these experiences.
I don’t beat about the bush when it comes to training dogs, I like to get the job done thoroughly and effectively, and will tell you straight… Sugar coating comes at an extra charge!


When you’ve trained spaniels for 30years, there isn’t much you haven’t seen or done! After a break away from competition, Steve will be trialling once again this season with Smurf. He works his dogs on Lord Leverhulme’s estate, Peckforton and Shaving ton shoots, and his dogs make most people’s look untrained and out of control! Steve works with me on gun dog training days and with residential dogs in for training.


John has had a lifetime with lurchers and terriers, a real “dog man” with patience and understanding. I first met John when he came to me for training with his Mallinois, Annie, and since then we have trained under the guidance of Ian Griffiths. Annie is well known for her acrobatic bite work during displays, including jumping through an open car window in a gun attack. A valuable part of the team, John helps with Protection and tracking training days.


Andy is on the first rung of the dog training ladder, but has already shown great determination and a will to learn. His Weimaraner, Millie, has become an awesome tracking dog after a lot of hard work and he is hoping to join Search and Rescue this year. Viper is the newest addition to the Wall pack… GSDxMali, and a real handful of a pup! Andy is usually the one in the bite suit with a dog hanging from him!

Training Days and Holidays

Training days are a regular occurrence but 2012 has seen the launch of 2 day holidays with lunch provided and a guest trainer plus individual plans for each holiday.

Supplying CSJ

Mike and the team supply CSJ products to their customers.

For More Information


contact Mike Crawford on 07964 671308

or email


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Cheshire Canine Services

Private and group training available for pets and working dogs throughout Cheshire.
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NHS Mini International

We're delighted to have ordered crystal glasses for the upcoming NHS Mini International trophies, organised by Littledale Sheepdogs

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Customers' Views

Donna Waring 'Calm Down!'

I wanted to let you know about the success I’ve had with Calm Down and my fourth puppy Kizzy.  I took Kizzy to training group and she was barked at solidly for 4 weeks of the class by one of those little pug crosses.   By week 5 my pup Kizzy had started to retaliate and bark back, and she was looking at the door all the time and was very uncomfortable.  This then escalated into a fear of small dogs where she would bark every time she passed one.

I gave her a break for 3 or 4 weeks from training and then took her back, but the minute we got outside the venue the barking and panting and stress behaviour began again, even though this was a different group of puppies.

So I then began working with her myself, introducing her to dogs of various different sizes, taking her free running off the lead with them and things, and I also put her on Calm Down.  I then spent about 5 months ringing around various dog clubs and groups to try and find one to take Kizzy to.  The problem I had was that when they heard I was totally blind, they insisted on me bringing someone with me, and as I live alone, I had no one to take. 

Finally, I found one last week where they were willing for me and Kizzy to come alone.  I took her along and all my hard work and the Calm Down had done its stuff.  She was absolutely fine and just barked twice the whole of the time we were there.  So on week two which was yesterday, they were doing a Kennel Club Bronze test.  I put Kizzy in thinking it would be good practice for her even if she failed, and she passed!  What is more, she greeted a little Jack Russell Chihuahua cross nicely without barking, which hadn’t been there last week.  And she sat beside me minding her own business while I had cuddles with the dog. 

This is the best calming product I have ever tried.  Don’t get me wrong, you have to put the work in.  But if you work hard and use the product in conjunction, you can achieve a lot.


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Jeannie Gee and her Amazing GeeGee Dogs

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