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Debra Harker

Ettrick Gordon Setters 

Debra’s most memorable success was winning the Dog CC at Crufts in 2000

Involved in dogs for over 40 years

Debra became involved in dog showing whilst working at a boarding kennels before she left school.  The lady she worked for was a well-known Clumber Spaniel breeder who also had other breeds which Debra showed for her, including a Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds, Cairn Terriers and Shelties.

The couple now own 3 dogs...

Gordon Setter Paradise Final Legacy at Ettrick – Jenson

Gordon Setter Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick – Hector

Working Cocker – Sam 

The affix Ettrick is taken from Ettrick Bridge in the Borders where Debra and her husband spent their honeymoon.           

2 superb Champions!

Debra has made up two Champions in the breed - the first was her very first Gordon Setter, Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Hernwood Crystal Graphite. who became the first male English/Irish Champion and became top male in the breed. 

She says, “He was a stunning dog and well known for his fabulous head and fantastic movement which gained him many admirers both in the breed and with the all- rounder judges.  He certainly made an impression winning 21 CC’s and 17 RCC’s plus stakes classes including Champion Stakes and Gundog Group placings.”

The second dog Debra made up into a Champion was Sh Ch Kilnrae French Connection avec Ettrick JW who was a great great grandson of Crystal Graphite.

She says, “Wallace, as he was known, proved his worth at stud being top stud dog and producing a real stamp of type on his progeny both here and on the continent.”

Hector - the new addition’s gathering a fan club!

Hector - Hernwood Achilles - is a direct descendent of Crystal Graphite (in fact all bar one of Debra’s 7 Gordons go back to her very first Gordon) and has had a fabulous start to his career with:

  • Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 4 – Birmingham National 2018
  • Best Puppy in Breed – Crufts 2018
  • Best Puppy in Breed – Gordon Setter Club of Scotland Championship Show 2018
  • Unbeaten in puppy at all the Championship shows attended (including 2 breed shows)


Hector’s first outing in Junior… 

After a fabulous puppy career Hector started his junior career at Bath Championship Show – winning not only the class, but going on to take the Reserve Dog CC!

Debra said, “It’s certainly a day to remember as it is unusual for such a young dog to take such high rewards.”

To the end of May Hector is still top puppy in the breed and Debra is naturally thrilled with his progress!

Selling CSJ came naturally

Debra says, “Although I’m one of CSJ’s smaller distributors I sell virtually a full range of their dog food.”

For contact call Debra on: Tel – 01980 623742  Mob - 07721459630

“All my customers think CSJ is the best food ever and their dogs look amazing on it.  They can’t understand why people would use anything else.”


Debra Harker

Debra Harker

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Debra Harker

Ettrick Gordon Setters Debra’s most memorable success was winning the Dog CC at Crufts in 2000
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I won't do that again!!

Hi Ceri,

I thought I would email to let you know I've just put another order through. A friend bought our last bag so we haven't ordered for ourselves for a while.
The reason I am emailing is that we chose to try a bag of biscuits which were not CSJ and were from a local store. I am amazed at the difference in my dog's coat, health and smell (both fur and breath)!

When she was on the CSJ biscuits (probably for the last couple of years), people used to comment on how shiny her fur was. Her stools were always easy to pick up and her teeth were white. She's had ONE BAG (15kg) of different biscuits and her fur is dull and shedding. Her teeth are starting to go brown and she smells like an old dog. I am amazed as she's only 4 years old. I'm just hoping that some of the effects of the last lot of biscuits will be reversible with the CSJ!!

Have other people told you of such a big difference with biscuits? It really does appear that the poor biscuits have aged her! She's even sleeping more and for a border collie you'll know that's unusual in a young dog!  It's very strange in such a short period of time. What on earth do these companies use to make them??!

Debbie B.

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Sheila Atter

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