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Eddie Scott

Eddie Scott won the ESS Championships, held at the Buccleuch Estate on 10th, 11th, 12th January 2013 with F.T.Ch Broomfield Rosetta – adding this to his consistent high performances which also include winning the Cocker Championship in 2005.

Eddie is an A panel judge and has been privileged to judge in Denmark and Sweden, as well as judging the 2004 Irish Spaniel Championship.

Eddie describes himself as “just an ordinary working guy”, yet his consistent record is far from ordinary………………………………..

  • Began trialling in 1988 and won first stake two years later
  • Made up four Cocker Champions
  • Made up four Springer Champions
  • Won the Irish Championship in 2000
  • Won the Cocker Championship in 2005

The kennel’s past Champions include:-

  • Cocker Spaniel F.T. Ch Willowbee Wren (Jodi,  winner of 2005 Cocker Championship)
  • Cocker Spaniel F.T. Ch Jenoren Dougal (sire of F.T. Ch Willowbee Wren)
  • Cocker Spaniel F.T. Ch Glenugies Capella
  • Springer Spaniel F.T. Ch Broomfield Bonnet (Irish Championship winner)

The kennel’s current Champions are:-

  • Springer Spaniel bitch F.T. Ch Broomfield Rosie
  • Springer Spaniel bitch F.T.Ch Broomfield Rossetta

Both Rosie and Misty qualified for the 2012 Springer Championships…with Rosie coming 2nd at the ripe old age of 7 and a half!!

F.T. Ch Broomfield Rossetta (Misty) became a Ch after only 5 trials and won both Scone and Moy Game Fairs in 2011. She then surpassed herself in January 2013 to win the ESS Championships – she is fed exclusively on CSJ food plus an energy boosting Fruit’n’Mutt bar during trials.

Stud and training

Eddie offers dogs at stud and now has facilities to take a limited number of dogs in for training, plus can also offer one to one training lessons.

Contact: or call 07748140919

“I’ve noticed a marked improvement in concentration of the dogs plus the fact they simply love the taste.” Eddie Scott

Eddie Scott

Eddie Scott

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The 2016‏ Arfon Working Gundog Club report on Field Trials is here

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Customers' Views

The poo eating has stopped!

Dear Ceri.

I am writing to say a huge thankyou!!!

Our 10month old choc lab has been a poo eater for almost the entire time we have had her (since 8wks old). We have tried everything we could think of seeking support from other owners of dogs that poo eat and vets, nutritionalists and behavouralists - and to be honest, had almost given up.

After speaking to a friend whose dog eats your food, we decided to look at your website and eventually spoke to you on the phone. We talked about our dogs (3 labs - all with different requirements) and home situation, as well as indepth diet discussions, and decided to try your advice (we had nothing to lose as it couldn't be any worse!).

I have to say, we are over the moon to be able to say IT WORKED! (in the first day!!) The poo eating has stopped and her stools have become more normal, and we can now finally begin to enjoy our gorgeous dog.

Thank you so much for treating us as individuals, and following us through a very stressful problem.

We will continue to follow your advice and will be recommending anybody with the same issues to yourselves.

If anyone is reading this and is having the same problem with a dog, dont give up. There is help out there, honest!!



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Huw Jones

Huw Jones

Ffynongain Gundogs

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