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Elli Margolius

How it all began …

“My mum got involved in agility when I was very young which sparked my love of the sport.

I was just 7 years old when I started attending junior camps and training sessions as well as competing including junior events like OJAC.”

Currently involved in …

“As well as running my own dogs in agility, I frequently run and train other peoples’ dogs.

I love working with a range of dogs to build my handling skills and to better understand how to train different breeds and personalities.”

The current dogs …

  • 4 Cocker x Poodle crossbreeds
  • Flo - aged 12
  • Remy - aged 10
  • Dora - aged 7
  • Nelly - aged 6)

Elli’s most memorable success …

“One of my most memorable successes was winning International Young Handler U12 at KCIAF with my dog Remy which meant I went on to compete in the main ring at the festival when I was just 11 years old.”

Other successes …

“I qualified for Crufts 2017 Agility Dog Of The Year (YKC) aged 11 and placed 5th with a German Shepard x Collie named Katie.

I have gained UKA WCSC and 2 CSCs in steeplechase and I am now aiming for the Outstanding Achievement Award with Remy.

As an older dog, I want her to take things a little easier but she loves being in the ring, so this seems the best option for her.

2nd Overall Junior Champion at OJAC with Dora.

Qualified for Grand Finals for 4 consecutive years from 2017 and hope to qualify again in 2021 with many years to come.”

It’s not just competing …

After attending a junior Global Judging Program training day Elli recently became a UKA Judge with her first judging appointment during 2021.

She really enjoys all aspects of agility, not just competing, and helps regularly and learns lots about the sport through working as show crew at events including CSJ Open and Grand Finals.

Social media?

“I use lots of social media platforms not only to showcase my dogs’ progress and achievements but to share ideas, celebrate others success and to recommend products.”

What Elli uses and says about CSJ …

Elli uses CSJ products:

  • Salmon Oil
  • Billy No Mates!
  • Seaweed and Parsley
  • Fishcuits training treats
  • Training Tips!

“CSJ supplements and treats provide my dogs with all the extras they need to supplement their raw feeding and keep them in brilliant condition. My older dog particularly is kept fit and healthy so she can continue to do the sport she loves.”

Contact details: Email - Mobile - 07770404774 Landline – 01525861853

International Young Handler U12 winner with Remy

International Young Handler U12 winner with Remy

Elli Margolius_1

Elli Margolius_1

Elli Margolius_2

Elli Margolius_2

Elli Margolius_3

Elli Margolius_3

Elli Margolius_4

Elli Margolius_4

Elli Magolius

Elli Magolius

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Elli Margolius

Elli has 4 Cocker Spaniel x Poodle crossbreeds. As well as running her own dogs in agility, she trains other people's dogs.
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CSJ Agility Website

If you are in to Agility then go to our CSJ Agility website for product information or to buy CSJ products online

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CSJ support Wales at the forthcoming World Agility Open 2013.

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Customers' Views

Kelly Murrell

Thank you so much for all your help and advice for our rescue Lab x Collie Bryn, he is now well on the way to becoming a fit and healthy dog. Your entire service from initial advice emails, free samples to then ordering online and receiving the chosen dog food was seamless – you don’t find many companies nowadays that offer such great service, but CSJ should definitely win an award for theirs!

Now to the products themselves …. Bryn’s first taste was from the samples you kindly sent and he chose the Natural Champ! as his favourite. Now we have a lovely big 15kg bag of it, both him and I are very happy. With other foods we have tried him on he has been fairly picky, with going off one brand entirely. He ABSOLUTELY loves Natural Champ!....he wolfs it down! The bowl is always licked clean and no mere morsels are left what so ever! The value is totally exceptional, looking at what other so-called premium brands charge - its an outrage they get away with it!

What more can I say – great service, fantastic product (with transparency of what ingredients actually goes into it – really important for me, as you are what you eat!), amazing value.

I am recommending your products to everyone I know who has a dog and now I have joined a local agility club I will telling them all too! Well done and I wish you even greater success in the future!

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CSJ User Profiles

Steven Richardson

Steven Richardson

Steven won the Silver Medal in Pentathlon with his Patterdale x Collie, Libby, in 2015 at the World Agility Open Championships in the Netherlands.

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