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Fran Albisser

Over the years Fran has trained and competed in several dog sports including Agility, Flyball, Heelwork to music and CaniX.

The name…

‘Basilea’ was chosen as it’s the Latin name of Fran’s birthplace – Basel in Switzerland.

The kennel is the first owners of registered Miniature American Shepherds in the UK and is dedicated to breeding top quality and active MAS from dogs which have passed their rigorous health testing.

Fran currently owns 20+ dogs who all have their own homes with their own families but remain part of her breeding and 6 dogs who live with her…..

Little Moons Yana of Basilea – Yana

Milandres Mikaio of Basilea – Mac

My Magic EH Blissful Journey – Bliss

Basileas American Journey – Lina

Basileas Epic Journey – Jay

Basileas Bombshell – Shelley

Hooked since 1999

Fran has been hooked on her sport since 1999 when, as a young kid, her mum enrolled her on a beginner agility course.

She had been watching her mum training their rescue AussieX, Tina, in Obedience and spotted an agility class going on in the next field.

The biggest success

Fran says, “My biggest success was winning the Novice Cup Jumping round at the KCI 2014 with Yana out of 268 dogs.  We qualified for the Novice Cup Semi came 3rd and qualified for the Final at Crufts the next year.  That was the first time in the main arena for me and I was a nervous wreck!”

There are MANY more successes including…

“Bliss qualified for the Novice Cup Final in 2019 which brought me back to the main arena at Crufts.  I had qualified for Crufts three times before that in the YKC Senior with my Working Sheepdog Keen.  Keen had done some film work most notably a National Lottery advert in 2009 for which we flew to the South of France.

Several of my dogs and puppies have been featured on the front covers of newspapers, magazines, books product adverts and Aimee was even on the front cover of the Sunday Times!

Yana had a small role in the TV series Grantchester.

My boys (all of which live in their own families) have been shown all over Europe.

Bond (Treasures Dressed to Kill) has won the Celtic Junior title in Ireland and was the first ever MAS registered under IKC.  He won 2 x BOB in Ireland.

Beamer (Moonbabys Beam Across The Pond) also won 2 x BOB in Ireland and came Best Puppy in Breed at a show in France.

There are more than 10 other dogs we have shown all over Europe and have won BOB, Best in Group, won their class.”

There’s MUCH more….take a look at the website…

Fran’s bred-by puppies have also a LONG list of accomplishments in sport and all the details can be found on her website

“I’m very excited to become part of the CSJ family and can’t wait to promote a good quality and affordable food to all my puppy buyers.”

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Fran Albisser

Basileas Miniature American Shepherds Chairman of Miniature American Shepherd Club of GB
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Anna Hinze

Anna Hinze

Anna won the bronze medal in biathlon at the World Agility Open in 2015 with her Border Collie bitch ‘May’.

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