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Jada Amoah

 Jada started Canicross when she was 11 and says, “We went along to watch the first cani-fit experience. I loved it so much that I spent all my pocket money that day and bought full kit to run with Zuka!”

The dogs…

Jada has 3 dogs:

v 6 year old Labradoodle – Zuka

v 5 year old Alaskan Malamute – Zorik

v 22 month old Scandinavian hound - Fuzzy


Zorik was still only a puppy when Jada started classes with Cani-Fit and has been there ever since.       

The biggest success…

Jada's most memorable success was competing in the IFSS  European Championships at Thetford Forest November 2016.

She and Fuzzy had only been training together for 4 months and Fuzzy was still very new to the sport at the age of 16 months.

They came home with the silver medal that weekend in the junior female age 14–18 category and Jada was so delighted with what they had achieved.     

Jada remembers lots more successes…

Races with Zuka my Labradoodle

2013 – Some local events age 11-14 with different results of 1st -3rd.

2013- Skidaddle trail race at Aberfoyle age 11-14 cani-cross - 1st

Races with Zorik my malamute

2013 - ECF European championships, Switzerland  in age 11-14. We came 7th 2014 - Most of the Scottish races either 2nd or 1st.

2014 – Skidaddle trail race at Aberfoyle age 11-14 cani-cross - 1st

2015 -Won all Scottish races we entered.

2015-  4th in the ECF European Championships at The Bowland Trails

Season 2015/16 - Scottish Junior race series champions age 11-15

Races with Fuzzy my Scandinavian hound

2016 – We  have won every UK junior race we entered.

2016  -  2nd in IFSS European Championships Thetford Forrest

2016/17  - Scottish junior race series champions age 11/15

2016  - Skidaddle trail race Aberfoyle age 15 -18  - 1st

2016/17 - Ranked no.1 Junior BSSF National Champions age 14-18

2017 - Canix four-nations Scottish leg in age group 16-39 we were 2nd.

Junior Sports Personality of the Year nomination…

Jada was nominated for the East Kilbride Junior Sports Personality of the Year awards for achievements in 2016 in Cani-cross.

This was a major achievement and she says, “It was great to be in among the main stream sports such as athletics, cycling and football.  I received a certificate of merit from the sports council for my contribution to my sport.”

To contact Jada email:

“We feed all our dogs CSJ and use salmon oil as well. The dogs love it, it keeps their coats looking great and helps keep them in great physical condition all year round.”

Jada 1

Jada 1







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