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Jenny Brown

After a car accident three years ago which cut short her career in track and field athletics where she had won 65 World & European  Masters medals and broke many World & European records in a number of events - heptathlon, high jump & triple jump – Jenny knew that she would not be able to high jump for a long time to come so needed a new challenge ……

So how did you get into Cani-cross Jenny?

"I have been in the sport of Cani-cross for 18 months now having finally been told that I could start running again and having been given a Beagle pup, Tiga, for my 50th the challenge began. Tiga needed a lot more exercise than the two Beagles we already had and when I saw a Cani-cross race locally, I decided to have a go.”

Sadly Jenny lost her much loved Beagle, Denby, recently so currently has Tiga and Sanne.

The Cani-cross first season

Jenny says that Tiga was a pure natural and they were hooked.

After only one full season in the sport and converting to CSJ, Tiga and Jenny have incredibly won the National Championships which have been running all through the winter months.

Other successes in Cani-cross Jenny?

"After my first cani-cross race with Tiga we were selected to represent the GB team at the European Cani-cross Championships in Belgium and finished 4th”

Jenny’s most memorable success in athletics...

Breaking her first world record in the high jump at the European Masters Track & Field Championships in the Olympic Stadium in Athens!

2012 update - Tigga goes from strength to strength!


Jenny and Tiga had a fabulous Crufts, winning the Veteran Female category.

The CaniX season:

Jenny told CSJ, “Tiga had another good Canix season and we proudly won our category – the more he races the more excited he gets!”

Back from the French Alps:

Running to raise funds for Beagle Welfare and also Canine Partners, Jenny and Tiga improved on their 4th place last year to get 2nd!

Tiga the Tracker!!:

Tiga had a new challenge in 2012 as Jenny decided to try to train him as a tracker dog, looking for lost dogs, as she had been involved in looking for 2 lost Beagles (1 in Ipswich and 1 in Derby) – both successfully found and reunited).

On their very first mission being called out by Dog Lost they had to go and search for a on our first mission being called out by Dog Lost we had to go and search for a 2 year old black lab that had been missing for more than 24 hours in 30 degrees and had been reported to have been knocked by a car but still ran off with no sighting. With only a toy rubber tyre which belonged to 3 outdoor working dogs to go by, Tiga successfully tracked the dog after nearly 2 hours. After a visit to the vet the lab was soon back home with only severe bruising to a front leg.

Jenny said, “You can't believe how proud of Tiga I am, both for his running and now his tracking - must be his CSJ food!!”

Contact: For more information email  or visit

"From a background of athletics I know the importance of a good diet which is why I have chosen to feed my dogs CSJ.”  Jenny Brown

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Jenny Brown

National Championships winner.
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