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John Carter

John and his wife Mary have the only purpose built sleddog training centre in the UK with seven miles of trails set in 218 acres

John and Mary’s ‘credentials’ in Mary’s own words in January 2013:

8 times Gold Medal winner plus 6 Silver & 4 Bronze medals in the British Championships, 5 times Gold winner, plus 6 Silver & 4 Bronze medals in the Scottish Championships.

At Ford in 2012, John was also just back from competing in the ESDRA European Championships in Germany at the start of November, where he gained the Silver Medal, being the Second Highest Placed 6 dog Nordic Team.

John went on to win the 6 dog registered class at the SDAS National Championships at Ford & also taking the Bronze in the 8-dog class (competing with just 6 dogs) and I took Silver in the 4 dog registered class.

One of our 11 year old dogs also competed for the first time in the cani-cross class & gained the Bronze at the Nat Champs with Tracey Thomas as her runner.

Their dogs

The kennel currently has 33 Siberian Huskies, 2 Working Sheepdogs and a Lurcher.

How did it all begin?

John says, "Introduced to the breed by the my brother and sister-in-law in the late 1980’s, then going on to run their Huskies in harness and finally owning my first pair from their breeding in 1990.”

Which of your numerous successes stands out most in your memory?

"Being the only person to be British Siberian Husky Racing Champion in both the 4 and 6 dog class in the same season.”

What other memorable successes have you had?

"Gaining the gold medal in the British Championship series 8 times and never finishing outside the top three in a competitive season. Then last year, our kennel picking up 2 gold medals, a silver and a bronze in the SDAS Championship series.”

Amazing  older dogs!

In the 2011 SDAS Championship series John had one or two 9 year old dogs regularly appearing in lead in his 6 dog team (and Mary had 9 and 11 year olds in lead in all 3 of her teams).

More about the training centre

John and Mary pride themselves in training lead dogs. Mushers can send their dogs to them for training, or stay with their dogs or simply use their specifically designed network of trails and distractions to sharpen up the leading skills and control of their own teams.

They also have dog paddocks for mushers to exercise their dogs safely off lead whilst staying for training.

They have hosted  races for Scottish Siberian Husky Club, Sled Dog Association of Scotland, Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain and British Siberian Husky Racing Association with teams travelling to Bowland Trails from the length and breadth of the UK.

How to contact John and Mary:

Email: /
Mobile: 07775 435181

See their facebook groups :

  • – a turn in the right direction
  • Satanta Siberians

"Since feeding CSJ dog foods and herbs, we have noticed a massive improvement in our dogs’ condition and performance, particularly impressed by the wide range of products to select from to suit all of our dogs, from the puppies, to the racers and to our OAP’s retired from competition. We have no hesitation in recommending this food."
John and Mary Carter



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