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Katy Cropper

Katy is probably best known for winning TV's popular ‘One Man and His Dog' in 1990. She was the first lady to do so and captured the imagination of the public as well as the usual sheepdog enthusiasts.

How it began

Katy started sheepdog trialling when she was 23 – and says it was because she was ‘hopeless at everything else'! In reality it was because she married Jim Cropper and she had a 3 legged sheepdog. The rest is history.

Biggest success?

Katy says it has to be ‘One Man and His Dog', but also being in the team with Max and Trim the following year in Alnwick.

What's happening now?

Katy currently owns 9 Border Collies and one Labrador and spends her time:

  • Training people and their dogs
  • Training sheepdogs
  • Obedience training
  • Running courses
  • Shepherding
  • Doing drawings of dogs



See much more about Katy Cropper and her sheepdogs at


Ring 07836 586878 or 01931 716022

“Everybody at Sheepdog Trials tells me how well my dogs look” - Katy Cropper

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