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Kevin Evans

Kevin Evans has been described as one of the most talented young handlers of his generation …. in 1994, at just 13 years of age, he won One Man and His Dog ‘Young Handler' competition with Maid, his first trial dog given to him by Mostyn Isaac when he was 10.

In the beginning……….

Kevin currently owns 30+ Border Collies and when asked how he became involved in Sheepdog Trials he says, "I've always been interested”

That's not surprising since he grew up around dogs - his playground was the family farm (Penclyn Farm) in Libanus under the Brecon Beacons, a part of Wales that contains some of the most spectacular and diverse landscapes in Europe

His father, Dai, a top handler and trainer in his own right who has represented Wales five times, has had a huge influence on Kevin

Kevin's most memorable success is winning the 2008 Int.Supreme Championship with Mirk (ISDS 272009)

He has also been a Wales Team Member 9 times and Wales Brace Champion twice (the first time at just 18)

He qualified two dogs for the final of the 2008 World Trial - Mirk and Spot, and also been the Reserve International Brace Champion

What Kevin wants in a dog

Kevin likes dogs to have good sound temperament and lots of stamina. They must enjoy training! He has no tolerance for slow, sulky dogs that shy away from work.

He also likes watching and learning from other good handlers. He urges new handlers to watch the best handlers and try to get help from them. He says "Never get dejected when things are not going well. You must keep trying!”

Again representing his country at the 2011 World Trial

Kevin has qualified Spot (ISDS 272008) to run at the 2011 World Trial.

Spot is by Kevin's Jaff (ISDS 231424), now in retirement, who took him within an inch of winning the coveted International Supreme Championship but for an argumentative ewe in the shedding ring!

More about Kevin and his dogs at

Kevin Evans, Penclyn Farm, Modrydd, Brecon, Powys LD3 8ND

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Customers' Views

I won't do that again!!

Hi Ceri,

I thought I would email to let you know I've just put another order through. A friend bought our last bag so we haven't ordered for ourselves for a while.
The reason I am emailing is that we chose to try a bag of biscuits which were not CSJ and were from a local store. I am amazed at the difference in my dog's coat, health and smell (both fur and breath)!

When she was on the CSJ biscuits (probably for the last couple of years), people used to comment on how shiny her fur was. Her stools were always easy to pick up and her teeth were white. She's had ONE BAG (15kg) of different biscuits and her fur is dull and shedding. Her teeth are starting to go brown and she smells like an old dog. I am amazed as she's only 4 years old. I'm just hoping that some of the effects of the last lot of biscuits will be reversible with the CSJ!!

Have other people told you of such a big difference with biscuits? It really does appear that the poor biscuits have aged her! She's even sleeping more and for a border collie you'll know that's unusual in a young dog!  It's very strange in such a short period of time. What on earth do these companies use to make them??!

Debbie B.

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Meirion Owen  and  The Quack Pack

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