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Leah Gardner

Agility… Rescue… Art


Leah says, “I knew when I was 7 (seeing Agility at Olympia for the first time) I just had to do it! 

I started agility in 2002 with my first dog, Chafford Hyper Connection, who took me to Olympia and came 2nd. 

All of my dogs have made grade 7 and I am lucky enough to have been on 5 World Teams with 4 dogs winning many medals including individual silver at the European Open and IMCA World Champion.” 

Leah doesn’t breed her own dogs but has rescue dogs and also a Barcroft Collie, her current dogs are:

Theory - Collie 12 years old. IMCA world champion.

Won 3 individual gold medals for GB and a silver as well as 3 medals in teams. Grade 7 agility dog

Really - Welsh collie x Welsh bobtail 6 years old.  Won 2 bronze in teams for GB at IMCA world champs.  Grade 7 agility dog 

Deep - Poodle x Shihtzu x Yorkie.  Grade 7 agility dog

Force - new out agility dog only competed a couple of times due to covid. 

Issue - Bichon x Collie (15 mths).   Just learning agility - due to debut in August. 

Fergus Billy and Sway - 3 Kelpies who do Canicross.

Pig and Marvel - Staffordshire Bull Terriers who also do Canicross from time to time. 

Leo - Poodle x JR who is being rehabilitated as he is a biter and had 6 homes by 12 months old.  

Leah’s most memorable successes? 

She says,Both Silver at the European open and IMCA World Champion were incredible - both with dogs that I saved from death’s door. Herbie (EO silver) was unable to be handled when I first got him - scared of everything and Theory (IMCA World Champion) was saved at 2 weeks old from being drowned.”

Other successes include:

Link - Olympia grade 7

Herbie - Olympia, Crufts, European Open Individual silver, WAO Team gold 5 Reserve Championships, grade 7

Hex - grade 7

Theory - IMCA World Champion, IMCA Team silver, grade 7

Deep - grade 7

Really - grade 7, IMCA Team bronze (at 3 years old)

Leah doesn’t sell CSJ products but strongly recommends them and says, “My dogs absolutely thrive on CSJ. They are fit and healthy and adore their food. 

The shine in their coat and comments from my vet about their great condition is testimony to how good CSJ is.” 


Leah has vet nursed and worked closely in rescue with rehabilitation all her life.      

She works for and raises funds for Many Tears Rescue - so working with many abused and scared dogs to help them find new homes.

From their website…

Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) is based in Carmarthenshire, Wales but has dogs in foster homes throughout the UK. We take in and rehome primarily ex-breeding dogs who are no longer required; those on "death row" in the pounds and those whose owners are no longer able to keep them.

We are a unique rescue in that the majority of our dogs are ex-breeders and many have never seen the outside world before. With the help of our staff, fosterers and other volunteers we provide a special and loving environment to help all our dogs adapt and find permanent, loving new homes. All potential adopters are interviewed and homes vetted and we do our utmost best to find the right home for each dog. The rescue has grown considerably since it first opened and now homes in excess of 3,000 dogs a year.

Originally the rescue was set up as a Not For Profit Company but in November 2020 Many Tears Animal Rescue became a registered charity. (No: 1192227).


                           Pet Portrait Artist of the year 2021 

“I absolutely love drawing and hope it shows in my work”

SO talented and SO modest!  When asked by CSJ for details of her accomplishments she sent details about the dogs, then later a further message … “Oops forgot about the art and photos 🤦‍♀️.”

In Leah’s words, “I started drawing properly in 2020 at the beginning of lock down (suddenly I had some time) last year I was lucky enough to be runner up in the “into the wild” art competition and then won ‘Pet Portrait Artist of the year 2021’.

The incredibly realistic art speaks for itself!

There’s much, much more about Leah, her dogs, agility, art and rescue at the following websites and on social media.


Leah Gardner 2

Leah Gardner 2

Leah Gardner 3

Leah Gardner 3

Leah Gardner 4

Leah Gardner 4

Leah Gardner 5

Leah Gardner 5

Many Tears Rescue

Many Tears Rescue

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Leah Gardner

Agility… Rescue… Art Leah says, “I knew when I was 7 (seeing Agility at Olympia for the first time) I just had to do it!
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