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Matthew and Adele Clarke

The team

Quinaya now have a kennel of 23 working Siberians although several are retired from racing and “prefer a stroll in the forest and relaxing in the kennel to working in harness.”

Great memories

Matthew says, “We have lots of great memories and successes over the years but I think this year’s 14th place in the 6 dog Siberian class at the WSA World Sled Dog

Championships has to be right up there - although you may think 14th really isn't that good, the level of competition is huge. 

We were 2nd place at the IFFS European Championships at Thetford this season in the 8 dog class.”

Racing on snow

Quinaya has a very young team which Matthew and Adele have developed for racing on snow and this year’s results have showed them that they have bred and selected the correct dogs to be “right up there”.

The focus on training… and the goal for 2018

Over the last 4 years the focus has turned to training for snow sprint racing, where they race further distances than in dry-land sprint - on average 8.5 miles per day over a 3 day event. 

The dogs’ training has been very different and Matthew and Adele say they have learned a lot from European mushers and their current goal is to place in the top ten at the WSA World Championships in Sveg Sweden in 2018.

“Along with all the training the most important thing is the dogs’ nutrition”

Matthew details their feeding regime:

“In the summer months when the dogs are not working in harness we feed the dogs CSJ Lamb and Rice which maintains good condition of the dogs without losing condition.

During the working season and 1 month prior to racing we feed the dogs CP30 (the higher protein and fat is important when the dogs are working hard) - it is great for the dogs’ coat, muscle building and the dogs’ joints.

The food is fantastic and very palatable.

We also use many of CSJ’s other products such as Salmon Oil , Go On! herbs etc.”

It’s the end of the season and a new beginning….

It’s been a very busy period at Quinaya racing sled dogs - Matthew and Adele have been out to Bavaria to do a repeat mating of the litter they did in 2015 and have just returned after the end of their race season.

“We can’t recommend CSJ food enough and are delighted to be supported by such a fantastic company”




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