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Peter Jones

The beginning ….

Pete says, “Myself and Karen got involved with sled dog racing about 20 years ago, starting off with 2 dogs and a just for fun attitude to the sport.

As the Siberian Husky is a very addictive breed we soon grew in numbers of dogs and Karen also started racing a team.

The passion of running dogs is now in my blood and running big teams and enjoying the power they have is a feeling you can never share but enjoy every time it's just you and the team out on the trail.”

The current kennel 

At September 2017 the kennel has 21 racing Siberian Huskies aged from 6 months up to 12 years.

The many successful races over the years include

Pete winning Aviemore Siberian Husky Club of GB Rally 4 years in a row, with a further 4 years in second place. 

Racing in the European Dry Land Championships 2017 and getting a Silver medal for Great Britain - a massive credit to Team Coldfeet.

The 6 dog team have also won Pete the Siberian Husky Club of GB Mushers Championship for the last 2 years.

Karen has won the 4 dog Mushers Championship for the last 3 years and many top 3 finishes in Siberian Husky Club and BSSF races.

Shows too!

The couple also have had successful show wins with various of the Coldfeet team including a Best Puppy in Breed at Crufts and numerous Best of Breeds and Group placings. 

“We have a successful kennel built up over many years and have learned many things on the journey. One of the major things is finding a diet that works .The food you choose to give the dogs needs to produce good energy levels and help to keep a good healthy dog that you get the longevity for a long healthy working life. A happy dog is a good working dog .

We find CSJ CP30 does this and as we train all year round (weather permitting) we have no need to change their food from summer season to winter.”

Pete Jones

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With the affix of Coldfeet, promoted as Team Coldfeet, Pete and Karen are a husband and wife team with 20 years in the breed
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Colin Spalding

Colin Spalding

The kennel is currently made up of 5 Siberian Huskies and 2 German Short Haired Pointers

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