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Sam and Andy Bawden

Anyone wanting to know about flyball could do no better than to ask Sam Bawden since she, husband Andy, and their family have been involved since before there was even an ‘official body’ in the UK.

After hearing about flyball from a colleague who attended a seminar given by some American flyballers, Sam and other interested friends originally used to get together for “fun stuff”.

At that point they called themselves the ‘Flyball Enthusiasts’, but got more and more involved and were approached by the North American Flyball Association, who asked them to affiliate. At that point they decided to change the name to “The British Flyball Association”, BFA for short.

See for information on the sport, past and future competitions etc.

Mo, Sue, Claire (their mum), Andy and Sam, all joined immediately and all the Mad Mutts team were within the first 100 members, although in different teams and racing against each other at that point.

The Mad Mutts team themselves came into being after Andy and his dog Moss and Mo and her dog Tweed became rivals in the ‘Cleverdogs’ agility/flyball singles competition. Over a couple of years the relationship grew between the Bawdens and Mo’s team and, after coming first and second (with only one point splitting them!) in the race for the coveted trophy at the end of one season, the bond had grown to the extent that they eventually joined forces as the Mad Mutts.

The team, currently with the fastest time in Europe (16.94), is led by Mo, with the rest of the human team being Roy, Kerry, Sue, Rob, Siouxzie, Fredd, Sam, Andy, Nicky and Robyn.

There are 14 active dogs in the team:

Tweed (see more about Tweed below)
Kobi (see more below)

To complete the scenario - there are also three more young dogs and the rest of the Bawden family’s dogs (all 7) who go along too – just for the ride!

Kobi, a Lurcher x Collie, is the Mad Mutts’ fastest dog and regularly runs 3.85 seconds under the 4.00 barrier.

Tweed, owned by Mo Hiscocks, deserves a very special mention – at 12 years old this Collie cross has the coveted ‘Jade Award’ for 35,000 flyball points. Seen in the photo below, collecting his award, his fantastic record is at:

With three young dogs ‘in waiting’ (Forrest, “Madd”-ie and “Mutt”-ley), a wealth of experience and huge enthusiasm, the future in flyball can only be rosy for the whole Mad Mutts team.

“Poppett is our brilliant ‘height dog’. A JRT x Collie, she is the best height dog we have ever had – a rescue dog that is as mad as the rest of us and goes like the wind, especially as she is fed on “Rocket Fuel”, as are all our team dogs during the racing season.” Sam Bawden

At December 2006………….

Mad Mutts were saddened this summer by founder members retiring, but had a re formatted team coming together.

They also now have a team of only Staffordshire Bull Terriers - who are brilliant and called the “Terrierists”.

In addition to winning their division in the BFA summer championships, Mad Mutts are currently 5th in the country and, entering the winter season, will change the format a little to accommodate the dynamics of winter indoor racing.

Mad Mutts are hosting a show on 5th and 6th May 2007 at Daventry Ford sports centre.

At January 2007……………

Running 4 Mutts were lying 2nd in the country in the British Flyball Associations Open Seedings List.

Results for 2007 and update from Sam at August 2007………

May 2007 European Championships:

Winners of division 9 - Fun 4 Mutts:

  • Forrest – lurcher
  • Leighton– ESS
  • Brandy – Staffie
  • Woody – BC
  • Ebby – BC

All dogs gave their absolute best and now thanks to CSJ’s CP21the oldies, Woody and Leighton were able to beat all in their division and become European Champions. Delighted handlers were able to attend prize-giving in a storm but the wining dogs retreated to the post showteam party - with CSJ Come On! herbal elixir available to all.

Running 4 Mutts gained 2nd place in division 2 and were the top UK team in the division.

The Terrierists - all Staffodshire Bull Terrier team

Had a great day gaining the title of flyball dog each and entertaining the European teams. The Terrierists have become a key team for Mad Mutts, showcasing the best in the breed - 4 of the team dogs are rescued and show excellent rehabilitation behaviour - only highlighting the saying "Punish the deeds not the breeds".

We are proud to have the Staffies in our team and since racing on Rocket Fuel and CP21they have gone 2 seconds faster. Thedeliberate mistake is Jack, the Lab- we don’t tell him he is the wrong size and colour to be a Staffie - it might hurt his feelings!!


Poppit remains the best ever dog in our whole team - owned by Mo but run by Sam Bawden. She is our most important dogand is a JRT x BC measuring 11", which is the perfect height for a flyball dog. She is also the fastest dog in all our teams - a truly remarkable little dog, she gained her flyball dog Gold award with Sam at the end of 2006, and celebrated with cake and a photo shoot,the best advocate of a "Rocket fueled flyball dog".

CSJ is also helping dogs with problem skins …
A little Staffie, Misty, 3 yrs oldfrom Midshire Mudpack Flyball team has a terrible skin compliant. She has been on steroid injections and creams for 2 years - since winning a bag of CSJ’s CP Xtra at mad mutts show the furhas returned,all the scaling has disappeared, she hasn’t had to continue with the steroids andhas beautiful hairy back fur- very attractive!

Another Midshires winner, Radar, has also found herbal benefits form CSJ food. She is on CP21 and CP Xtra and has not been itching from dust mite allergies since starting with the food. Hopefully she will be able to cease medication soon too.

Sam says in March 2009, "I have been using CSJ food for my Flyball dogs for 6 years now. My Flyball team Mad Mutts are sponsored by CSJ and we are very pleased to be associated to CSJ and have now introduced many hundreds of flyballers to CSJ products, with outstanding results.

I sell the full range of CSJ products including Herbs, not just to flyballers but all dog lovers.Please contact me for details on products to suit your needs. I can order in bulk for you if you would like, or just one bag at a time."

At May 2009 it is time to catch up again........

The dogs:

Sam's dogs now number 12........

3 Border Collies

1 Springer

3 Springer x Border Collies

2 Jack Russel Terriers

1 Jack Russel Terrier x Border Collie

1 Border Collie x Staffie

1 x Lurcher x Border Collie

What would you NOW say is your most memorable success Sam?

"Being the fastest in the country for 5 years"

And CSJ? "CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, Sponsors of Mad Mutts Flyball Team.  Natural food for natures best - MY DOG."

Sam Bawden, Abingdon, Oxfordshire
tel: 01865 820097
mob: 07779640465

Div 3 winners at the BFA summer championships

Div 3 winners at the BFA summer championships

Tweed gets Jade award

Tweed gets Jade award



Sam and Poppit

Sam and Poppit

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Sam and Andy Bawden

Sam and Andy Bawden run the Mad Mutts flyball team.
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Hi Ceri,

I thought I would email to let you know I've just put another order through. A friend bought our last bag so we haven't ordered for ourselves for a while.
The reason I am emailing is that we chose to try a bag of biscuits which were not CSJ and were from a local store. I am amazed at the difference in my dog's coat, health and smell (both fur and breath)!

When she was on the CSJ biscuits (probably for the last couple of years), people used to comment on how shiny her fur was. Her stools were always easy to pick up and her teeth were white. She's had ONE BAG (15kg) of different biscuits and her fur is dull and shedding. Her teeth are starting to go brown and she smells like an old dog. I am amazed as she's only 4 years old. I'm just hoping that some of the effects of the last lot of biscuits will be reversible with the CSJ!!

Have other people told you of such a big difference with biscuits? It really does appear that the poor biscuits have aged her! She's even sleeping more and for a border collie you'll know that's unusual in a young dog!  It's very strange in such a short period of time. What on earth do these companies use to make them??!

Debbie B.

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