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Sarah Jane Campbell

“I feed my girls CSJ because it keeps them in tip top condition even when feeding large litters.
My last litter of 11 babies were reared by mum without any added milk supplements.
I feed the babies and Mum CP27.
Mum is fed puppy from 5 weeks in whelp till 8 weeks after giving birth.”

Sarah Jane competes in Obedience and her own current dogs are …

  • Sarkam A Star is Born (mother of the litter of 11 in the photo)
  • Sarkam Key to the Dream
  • Sarkam Reach for the Dream
  • Sarkam Bibaaloulah She’s My Girl

Her biggest achievement is …

“Breeding many active, willing and competitive dogs.”

Of the dogs she has bred …

  • Eight are Obedience Champions and many others have CC’s
  • Over a hundred are working in obedience, fly ball and heel work to music
  • Some of the bitches she has bred have also produced Champions

Sarah Jane doesn’t sell CSJ foods but says, “Perhaps I should think about it.”

Her contact details are:

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Sarah Jane Campbell

Sarah Jane Campbell Sarkam.
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Joanna Hewelt

Obedience and Search and Rescue Dogs, Poland.
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Customers' Views

Donna Waring 'Calm Down!'

I wanted to let you know about the success I’ve had with Calm Down and my fourth puppy Kizzy.  I took Kizzy to training group and she was barked at solidly for 4 weeks of the class by one of those little pug crosses.   By week 5 my pup Kizzy had started to retaliate and bark back, and she was looking at the door all the time and was very uncomfortable.  This then escalated into a fear of small dogs where she would bark every time she passed one.

I gave her a break for 3 or 4 weeks from training and then took her back, but the minute we got outside the venue the barking and panting and stress behaviour began again, even though this was a different group of puppies.

So I then began working with her myself, introducing her to dogs of various different sizes, taking her free running off the lead with them and things, and I also put her on Calm Down.  I then spent about 5 months ringing around various dog clubs and groups to try and find one to take Kizzy to.  The problem I had was that when they heard I was totally blind, they insisted on me bringing someone with me, and as I live alone, I had no one to take. 

Finally, I found one last week where they were willing for me and Kizzy to come alone.  I took her along and all my hard work and the Calm Down had done its stuff.  She was absolutely fine and just barked twice the whole of the time we were there.  So on week two which was yesterday, they were doing a Kennel Club Bronze test.  I put Kizzy in thinking it would be good practice for her even if she failed, and she passed!  What is more, she greeted a little Jack Russell Chihuahua cross nicely without barking, which hadn’t been there last week.  And she sat beside me minding her own business while I had cuddles with the dog. 

This is the best calming product I have ever tried.  Don’t get me wrong, you have to put the work in.  But if you work hard and use the product in conjunction, you can achieve a lot.


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Sarah Jane Campbell

Sarah Jane Campbell

Sarah Jane Campbell Sarkam.

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