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Toni Dawkins

How the story began…

Toni was raised with Border Collies.  Her mother did Obedience and later introduced Toni to Agility when she started her own club. 

25 years on she teaches Agility world-wide and says, “I love it!  I am also a hydrotherapist and take my dogs’ fitness very seriously.”

Amongst the huge multitude of successes the most memorable is?

“My most memorable success is winning the Crufts Championships with both my dogs the same year.  One in the Medium, and one in the Large.”

Toni currently owns three Border Collies and One Mini American Shepherd….

Minx (Border Collie) - 14 years old

A retired Agility Champion with eight tickets to her name.

Beep (Border Collie) - 9 years old

Also retired Grade 7, she competed at Crufts and qualified for the Olympia semis.

Cute (Border Collie) - 6 years old

Grade 7, he has run at Crufts and qualified for Olympia three times, last year finishing 12th against the best.

Sunflower (MAS) - 22 months

Toni’s first small dog - started competing in October and is already Grade 6.  Toni says she is very excited about this season with her...

My dogs have been fed CSJ for the last 16 years and I have no complaints. They love the food, are full of energy and I have no plans to ever change.

Thank you CSJ!”

Toni Dawkins with Kite

Toni Dawkins with Kite



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Toni Dawkins

Toni has been so addicted to Agility for the last 25 years that she even gave up her job as a Biologist to teach Agility full-time!
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Customers' Views

Emma Sunderland (and Kes and Pep)

You may remember earlier this year you provided me with some advice regarding my agility dog. I asked about adding that little bit of extra stamina and you advised adding some CP Xtra. I have been trying this over the months since and I do feel it has made an improvement. I wouldn't say it is a dramatic change but I feel happier knowing I am giving him that bit more energy.

We have also changed one of our working collies on the farm onto CP24 and Xtra. He is the litter brother to my collie and we felt he was needing more energy and stamina for working. He has never been a speedy eater, he used to graze when he felt like eating. However, since changing to CSJ he has dramatically changed his appetite - he now sits and waits for his food and eats it all in one go rather than grazing. We feel he has better stamina and keeps his weight up better (he used to yo-yo a lot and go quite thin at times on other food).

So basically, an all-round thumbs-up for CSJ!! The dogs obviously like it and I feel better knowing I am giving a good quality food with good meat content and no crappy ingredients!!

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