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Wiet van Dongen

Wiet’s affix ‘BaW’ stands for Borders at work….very apt! 

The beginning …

Wiet describes herself as, “Pretty much a newbee.”

Her oldest Border Collie is now 12 years old, and before having him she had never heard of Shepherding.

She goes on to say that her first Border Collie wasn’t a talented show dog but he was the best one for her to start with as thanks to him she learned how to read sheep and how to handle them. She adds, “Still a long way to go though.”

Wiet now owns 14 adult Border Collies, 6 youngsters and 2 litters of puppies

Q) Your biggest success to date Wiet?

“I was CSC champion in 2014 in Denmark with my dog Blaze.”

As if that’s not enough...

Wiet says, “Since I started trialling I have ran 3 WT and the last one in Scotland I made it to the semi-finals.

I qualified for the CSC in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015”

Best results Blaze:

3de Dutch National Assen finale NK-kwalificatie 2015 Dutch team member CSC 2015 2nd qualifier Boijl day 2 2015

1st qualifier Dutch National Nistelrode 1st qualifier Rosmalen II 2014 2nd qualifier Rosmalen I 2014

Semi finals WT 2014 Scotland

1st Continentals Sheepdog Championship Denmark 2014

1st open class Peperbustrial Zwolle 1st kwalificatie Boxmeer 2014

Dutch Teammember WT-2014

finale NK kwalificatie

Dutch teammember CSC 2014

2nd open class Rauschenberg

3rd open class Rauschenberg

3rd double gather trial Haaksbergen 2013

1st kwalificatie Dongen 2013

2de NK praktijk

finale Duntch national 2013

1st WT-kwalificatie Klundert 2013

1st Exloo open 2013

1st Pepersbustrial open Zwolle 2013

Dutch teammember Continental 2013

finale NK-kwalificatie 2013

3rd qualitrial Assen 2013

3rd open class Rekkentrial 2012

1st kwalificatie Heeze 2012

1st Herfsttrial double gather

CSC 2012 finals

Dutch teammember Continental 2012

Winner Dutch Championship 2012

Winner Club Championship 2012

2nd kwalificatie Leusden 2012

1st open class Rekkentrial 2012

3rd kwalificatie Zwolle 2012

Dutch teammember CSC 2011

Dutch teammember WT 2011

Wiet’s other canine activities include...

  • Giving herding clinics and demonstrations all over Europe
  • Take dogs for training and teaching people to work their dogs on sheep
  • Breeding Border Collies

Plans to sell CSJ products in the future

Wiet will be making a page for CSJ on my homepage:

“As I learned from people who use this food for their top level dogs they are very pleased with it. Those people are very experienced and I trust their value. I’ll let you know in a while what I think. I like the fact that there are a lot of sorts for all types of dogs".



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Wiet van Dongen

Wiet’s affix ‘BaW’ stands for Borders at work….very apt!
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Latest News

New 1st semi-final for 'A Way with Dogs' Series 2 is out now

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Customers' Views

Sara-Jane King

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, advice and great products. I have spent over a year struggling to keep weight on my very active rescued working sheepdog using a variety of expensive well known brands and numerous supplements from the vets. Not only have none of these worked but my dog didn't like the taste.

From the initial call with recommendations on what to try (it lasted over 30 minutes) and the free samples I have been amazed with CSJ. Barney has now been on CP21 Salmon for nearly 6 months and is a different dog. He has put on and is holding his weight; he no longer has a constantly upset stomach and he loves his food!

We also recently rescued another working sheepdog. Straight away we put her on the same CSJ food and again to dramatic effects. As well as the obvious health and dietary benefits we are constantly being stopped and asked what they are fed, both of their coats are amazing. I have no hesitation recommending CSJ to my friends, many of whom can't get over the improvements in the two dogs, especially when I tell them the cost!

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Nij Vyas

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