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If you are interested in becoming a supplier of CSJ food in France please contact us for further details.

Si vous avez l'envie de devenir fournisseur d'aliments CSJ en France, prier de contacter pour plus d'information.

Contact Information

Address :
Le Bouyssou
12800 Saint Just sur Viaur
Midi Pyrénées

Contact Name :
Cliff & Lily Tett

Phone :
05 65 46 23 38

Mobile :
06 78 08 42 91

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New press release in Pet Trade Xtra for Clicker Expo 2019

We'll be showcasing new products at ClickerExpo Luminos from 25th to 27th October. Read about it in PetTrade Xtra

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Customers' Views

Emma Sunderland (and Kes and Pep)

You may remember earlier this year you provided me with some advice regarding my agility dog. I asked about adding that little bit of extra stamina and you advised adding some CP Xtra. I have been trying this over the months since and I do feel it has made an improvement. I wouldn't say it is a dramatic change but I feel happier knowing I am giving him that bit more energy.

We have also changed one of our working collies on the farm onto CP24 and Xtra. He is the litter brother to my collie and we felt he was needing more energy and stamina for working. He has never been a speedy eater, he used to graze when he felt like eating. However, since changing to CSJ he has dramatically changed his appetite - he now sits and waits for his food and eats it all in one go rather than grazing. We feel he has better stamina and keeps his weight up better (he used to yo-yo a lot and go quite thin at times on other food).

So basically, an all-round thumbs-up for CSJ!! The dogs obviously like it and I feel better knowing I am giving a good quality food with good meat content and no crappy ingredients!!

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CSJ User Profiles

Matthew and Adele Clarke

Matthew and Adele Clarke

Matthew and Adele started sled dog racing in 2005 and have participated at many events, winning numerous races along the way, from bikejoring classes to 8 dog classes

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