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CSJ Stockists in Rest of Europe

CSJ stockists in the rest of Europe including the Channel Islands. (see map)

Belgium (7003), 1430 Rebecq.
Tel: +32479808777

Adelaine Bastiaansen (7002), Baarle - Hertog.
Tel: +32 (0)468-322682


HP Hundefoder (Kennel Fuglevang) (7005), 4060 Kr. Såby.
Tel: +45 26201707


Valerie Dufrenne (7011), 02300 Trosly Loire.
Tel: + 33 6 86 78 96 94

Vallée de L'Etournay (7012), 51269 Saint-Just-Sauvage.
Tel: 06 41 61 62 54

Philippe Heintz (7008), 52800 Louvieres.
Tel: 0033(0)325031957   Mobile: 33 (0)629595020

Doggy (87) (7007), 87320 Thiat.
Tel: +33(0) 5 55 60 27 79

Jardirect (Dept 12) (7013), Aveyron.
Tel: 05 65 46 23 38   Mobile: 06 78 08 42 91

Caninature (Dept 27) (7006), Eure.
Tel: (+33)


Eichenhof-Schäferei (7015), 51674 Wiehl.
Tel: 0171-1942657

Like2feed (7016), 63791 Karlstein.


EllenK Sheepdogs (7022), 1687 NC Wognum.
Tel: +31 6 83531338

IceBorders (7024), 6631 AT Horssen.
Tel: +31487760177 & +31653770582

Dutchmoors (7021), 6836 AK Arnhem.
Tel: (00316) 51198881 / 27136544

Jeanet Nijhof (7023), 7555 NV Hengelo.
Tel: +31 74 259 33 22


Torgeir Ulstein (7023), 2840 Reinsvoll.
Tel: 0047 61197987


Phu Natan Barbara Dungiel (7024), 80-524 Gdansk.

Work Dogs (7025), 84-208 Kielno.
Tel: +48 792 737 176


CSJ Switzerland (7026), CH-5607 Hägglingen.
Tel: +41 56 631 49 08   Mobile: +41 79 644 77 46

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Customers' Views

Donna Waring 'Calm Down!'

I wanted to let you know about the success I’ve had with Calm Down and my fourth puppy Kizzy.  I took Kizzy to training group and she was barked at solidly for 4 weeks of the class by one of those little pug crosses.   By week 5 my pup Kizzy had started to retaliate and bark back, and she was looking at the door all the time and was very uncomfortable.  This then escalated into a fear of small dogs where she would bark every time she passed one.

I gave her a break for 3 or 4 weeks from training and then took her back, but the minute we got outside the venue the barking and panting and stress behaviour began again, even though this was a different group of puppies.

So I then began working with her myself, introducing her to dogs of various different sizes, taking her free running off the lead with them and things, and I also put her on Calm Down.  I then spent about 5 months ringing around various dog clubs and groups to try and find one to take Kizzy to.  The problem I had was that when they heard I was totally blind, they insisted on me bringing someone with me, and as I live alone, I had no one to take. 

Finally, I found one last week where they were willing for me and Kizzy to come alone.  I took her along and all my hard work and the Calm Down had done its stuff.  She was absolutely fine and just barked twice the whole of the time we were there.  So on week two which was yesterday, they were doing a Kennel Club Bronze test.  I put Kizzy in thinking it would be good practice for her even if she failed, and she passed!  What is more, she greeted a little Jack Russell Chihuahua cross nicely without barking, which hadn’t been there last week.  And she sat beside me minding her own business while I had cuddles with the dog. 

This is the best calming product I have ever tried.  Don’t get me wrong, you have to put the work in.  But if you work hard and use the product in conjunction, you can achieve a lot.


Find out more about Calm Down!

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Spider’s Appeal and Barry Atkinson

Spider’s Appeal and Barry Atkinson

A unique adventure by a dog (Spider) and his owner, Barry Atkinson, pursuing a challenging lifestyle whilst raising funds for charity.

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