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CSJ Stockists in Scotland

CSJ stockists in Scotland. (see map)


Michelle J Bruce (5803), Udny.
Mob: 07557 915690


Maureen Taylor (5326), Carnoustie.
Tel: 01241 854283   Mob: 07876 757196

Argyll and Bute

Emma Gray (5804), Straad.
Mob: 07733 015440


Laura Chalmers (5802), Ayr.
Mob: 07840 040939

Polnessan Labadors, Ayr.
Mob: 07970 665295


Yonderton Kennels (5225), Keith.
Mob: 07301 572744


Margie & John Robinson (5701), Coldingham.
Tel: 01890 771541   Mob: 07903 936799


Daniel MacLeod (5325), Dunbeath.
Mob: 07494 454911


Rural Pet Supplies (5227), Tillicoultry.
Mob: 07527 564842

Dumfries & Galloway

Elaine Caig (5776), Castle Douglas.
Mob: 07779 013406

Fiona McLean (5801), Lockerbie.
Mob: 07795 515199


Carrs Billington Agriculture (5777), Annan.
Tel: 0146 1202772   


Bill Leonard (5478), Cupar.
Tel: 01334 652663   Mob: 07721 937629

Cupar Pet Shop (5483), Cupar.
Tel: 01334 653090   

Vodabone Pet Supplies (5481), Glenrothes.
Tel: 01592 775873   

Petanna Pet Supplies Ltd (5484), Oakley.
Tel: 01383 853647   Mob: 07856 932809

Iain McLeod (5480), St. Andrews.
Tel: 01334 870885   Mob: 07734 437090

Highlands & Islands

Iain McKay (5150), Inverness.
Tel: 01463 898086   Mob: 07769 678247

Sandy & Alison Maxwell (5151), Isle of Lewis.
Tel: 01851 672358   

Alan Clouston (5152), Orkney.
Mob: 07876 718390


LCP Animal Feed & Pet Supplies (5806), Forth.
Mob: 07715 475656


Mrs Lee Dick (1586), Peebles.
Mob: 07738 901944

David Yule (5485), Stobo.
Mob: 07803 010 441


John & Mary Carter (5300), Blairgowrie.
Mob: 07775 435181 (Mary Carter)

Keith Wilson (5305), by Callander.
Mob: 07876 674400 / 07833 596949

Alan Frame (5301), Dunkeld.
Tel: 01350 723321   Mob: 07715786742


Maurice Givan (5800), Selkirk.
Tel: 07949494166   


Adam Greasley-Adams (5482), Stirling.
Mob: 07977 225752

West Dunbartonshire

LCP Animal Feed & Pet Supplies (5806), Gartocharn.
Mob: 07715 475656

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Series 2 'A Way with Dogs' - full interviews with top handlers

Series 2 'A Way with Dogs' - full interviews with top handlers

See the full interviews with our elite team of top sheepdog handlers for Series 2 'A Way with Dogs' sheepdog trial in HD on YouTube.

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Customers' Views

CP27 and CP30 by Matthew Clarke

By Matthew Clarke
It all started in April with a long drive from Carlisle to a small village called Weissbach near Inzell in Germany close to the Austrian border.
We took our bitch Piper over to do a repeat mating with a fantastic lead dog from a good Bavarian friend of ours Andi Birkel.
After a scan 5 weeks later we had confirmation that the mating was successful and Piper was expecting puppies fantastic the gamble had again paid off.
At the 6.5 week stage we took Piper off the CSJ CP 30 and fed her on the cp 27 week 7, week 8 and she was really growing and looking in fantastic condition. Then on the 27th of June, Piper gave birth to 6 fantastic puppies, 4 bitches and 2 dogs, all weighing in excess of 480 grams. They were complete whoppers!
At the age of 3 weeks we started to wean the puppies on to the CP27 soaked in warm water and mashed up the puppies couldn't get enough they loved it, tthere was no question the puppies were lacking any nutrients from the food they were growing at such a rate .
At the first trip to our vets at the age of 8 weeks, the puppies at this point getting 4 feeds a day, but the vets couldn't believe the size and excellent condition of these youngsters ,they said what are you feeding them on!
to which we replied ,  CSJ
We went on to keep the puppies, until they were 15 weeks old , one of which remained in Quinaya's kennel, the other 5 were about to start their new lives as working sled dogs in Germany and Austria. All of which I'm confident will be at world championship level in the very near future
When our friends from across the pond came to make a selection of thir e puppies, they were amazed at the condition and excellent growth that CSJ had provided for these future stars
So we would like to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you to all at CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, for their fantastic support and nutritional advice

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CSJ User Profiles

Logan Williams

Logan Williams

In August 2016 Logan entered the South Wales Sheepdog Trials Association Novice Trial in Blackwood and won both the Young Handlers and Novice with his dog Ned

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